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    Saw this on Wargame Vault. Is this significantly different from 5Parsecs or 5Leagues? Also is the campaign more like 5P or 5L?

    Avatar photoIvan Sorensen


    It’s an evolution of that system.

    Changes (from the top of my memory):

    It has a separate armor/toughness roll ala 5L.

    Pinning is a factor to ranged combat to give a bit more of a gritty atmosphere.

    Close combat is closer to 5P. There’s no exchanges.

    Character tracking is a bit easier. There are skills now which give a +1 to a specific type of roll, but none affect the battle field and there’s no “break the rules” type skills.

    The campaign has actions you can take as usual, though they are “rationed” a bit differently this time. Probably closer to 5L in that sense?
    There’s actually 11 different campaign objectives you can pick, depending on whether you want to play a shorter or longer campaign.
    Anything from simply playing 20 campaign turns to playing until a single character gets 20 kills or you max out your home base factors.

    The exploration step each turn is very similar to 5L with battles, random encounters (who might join you) and events that can happen.

    Hope that helps?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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