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    Avatar photoDavide Bruni

    Hi guys,

    I’m new here and I decided to subscribe since the friendly environement I noticed. And the big plus to speak directly to the creator of the game…

    I bought 5L core months ago, being an avid rules collector, but since at first look was very complex I didn’t use it.  Some days ago I gave it a more serious try, and I must admit the game is still very complex for me, since I used to play mostly Frostgrave and RoSD (with those 1 read of the rules is enough). But the complexity I think is in this case a plus and not a minus. Almost endless possibilities, strong RPG flavour… I played only 1 game and I had fun even was a total disaster (all my party killed – my avatar with first enemy arrow in the 1st turn…:( vs only 3 enemies dead).

    Even if I think that to play fluidly I’ll have to take many games I decided to buy all available expansions, taking advantage of the winter sale.

    Now the questions:

    1-it’s a bit confusing for me the fact that being within 1″ from an enemy means you are engaged. Many times you are within 1″ from 2 or even more enemies… it means that do you have to fight 2+ times or choose one (with the rules of 2″ proximity if you are alone)? Wouldn’t be better to touch enemy base to be engaged?

    2-When you are engaged within 1″, do you have to contact the bases or these stay in place?

    3-It’s not clear for me the “breaking off” rule too… you are between 1″ and 2″ distant from an enemy. The rules says that you can only go engaging or go away 1″ with no more actions, but only 0,5″ if wearing full+shield or knight armour. Ok for no second action, but can you complete your remaining movement freely, or no more movement? since in this 2nd case an heavy armoured one can’t be able to break off, if at 1,49″ or less from enemy.

    And if you don’t want to move, but for example make a shooting attack or use an item. Can you?

    Thank you very much!


    P.S. I made my own character sheet, and I’m going to make a party and a campaign sheet too. What do you think?5L Character sheet

    Avatar photoIvan Sorensen

    Cheers friend and answers below!

    You are right, it’s a fairly sprawling game and it’s meant to take a while to get on top of ALL of it. Remember, much of the material was released monthly, so the idea is you try a new thing here and there when you feel the need.

    I can recommend picking up https://www.wargamevault.com/product/323590/Every-journey-begins-on-a-road-A-Five-Leagues-expansion which adds both “neutral” encounters and also has a step by step introduction to the campaign game.

    Make sure you have downloaded the most up to date version as well. 1.03 made some big changes to the presentation that should make it a little easier to see what rules go where.

    To your questions:
    1: It probably would be yes. I know quite a few players do use base contact and it’s very likely I’ll change it to match.
    The original idea was to represent characters “lunging” forward and so on.

    2: Stay in place.

    3: You can finish the move.

    I hope that helps!

    Avatar photoDavide Bruni

    Thank you Ivan for both your answers and suggestions!

    I’ll begin reading “Every journey… ” among all expansions. Yes I downloaded v. 1.03: this fact that the game is always evolving is great.

    I think I’ll go with base contact, since your imprimatur, that makes things much easier. The lunging effect could be somehow integrated in the area of the base. If I can I would suggest the possibility to attack from 1″ if you have long weapons, maybe adacting the various results of the exchanges.

    P. S. I found the outnumering mechanics on page 36, but I think again works better with the base contact of who can effectively fight.

    Thanks again,


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