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    I’ve kinda given up on the F18, can’t get the hang of it, so back to the F16 which calls to me as a Norwegian, I feel it has somewhat more logical systems for menus, etc.

    Still can’t land the thing.
    Today I made a very easy training mission just to go through the motions of using unguided bombs in CCRP (Constantly-calculated release point) mode.
    Some evil Russians are planning on gassing Limassol in Cyprus, they have trucks loaded with chemicals, but they stopped right outside of the city for lunch. This gives me a chance to save the city.

    I know exactly where the Russians are and before the mission, a waypoint was put exactly on top of them, I can move and manipulate this point, but since it is perfectly on target I let it be, I go to A-G(air to ground) mode, choose CCRP in the menu,  my MK82 dumb bombs are automatically chosen.
    I then put the distance between each bomb at 150 feet, which seems like a good standard for taking out convoys. I then chose 12 in ripple, This means that I will drop all 12 bombs in a ripple effect with each hitting about 150 feet from eachother. I then have to line up my steer point with the vertical line. At 10seconds from the target I hold down the release button and the bombs drop automatically when it’s time.

    It’s VERY effective!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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