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    It’s a couple of test pieces, well, I say that but there’d be more if I hadn’t run out of coffee stirrers. Anyway, the project was to make some orchards to go with my microarmour, which were also practical and distinct from general forestry. This meant no individually based trees, yet being able to remove trees as required to place units, plus having trees in a nice equally spaced grid layout. I had a bit of a think and realised that I could make the trees removable with bit less effort on the table and bit more in th<span class=”text_exposed_show”>e construction. </span>

    First I gathered my materials:
    Self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles
    Coffee stirrers
    Clump foliage
    Texture paste stuff to avoid having to use sand and glue and magnets.
    Felt. I have yet to add it as of posting, but the self adhesive tiles make it super easy to attach.

    I started out cutting out the bases with a pair of scissors, measuring out the places to stick the nails to the sticks then sticking them. After that came the surprisingly complex bit of working out where and how to attach the magnets. To make sure they’re aligned properly (and checking they wouldn’t just hold things in place with only 1 magnet) I worked out that I could glue a pair of magnets (in this case 4mm x 0.5mm) at a time by supergluing the top of one to the underside of the cocktail stick, then the other to the base.
    The magnetism mandated them being stick to the direct opposite of where the nails are, and I set the magnets to be every other tree so there’s redundancies but not tons of them. Magnets might be cheap and plentiful but still, I wanted to maximise what I could make from what I had. I only needed to peel apart a couple to re-do from the glue spilling over, yay.

    Next step took a wee while as I had to rejig my methods until I settled on a solution. The problem (which I had foreseen thankfully) was that the magnets boosted the sticks up above the base. I figured it wasn’t worth the fuss of trying to sit them in the base/sticks. The method I used to fill the space was to cut some extra strips of floor tile and layer them in the gaps to bulk out. I went only one layer high, if I were feeling more like dealing with it I might double that and try and get a more perfect fit. I then coated the bases and sticks with texture paste, during which I made sure to both fill in under the sticks and check that everything fit still/wasn’t getting stuck together. Wobbling the sticks back and forth worked for this, though I did have to re-attach a few magnets

    Then it is just a fairly typical case of paint, flock then stick on bits of clump foliage. I’ll probably attack the clumps with more glue and such to make sure it’s all good and solid.

    So there’s my accessible orchards. Mind the concealed spikes! It might be worth hammering the ends of the nails down before everything, though that would make stabbing into the foam harder.


    Thats very cool.
    When I did orchards, static not removable though, I did what you have done but as an extra stage I got some very fine red scatter and put in a box.
    I then covered the trees with a pva/water/washing up liquid solution so that there were sticky all over and carefully from a height sprinkled the red scatter very lightly over the tress, it created a sort of fruit effect, almost like red apples were growing on the tress.
    Looked good, though not sure if you want the extra work, or like the look!



    Great idea and you have done a really good job. The removeable sections are a lot better than most ideas I’ve seen

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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