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    Avatar photoirishserb

    Regarding 6mm building design, is your preference for:

    Solid Castings.

    Hollow castings with removable roofs, and possibly floors (if multi-story) for placement of infantry.

    Hollow with no bottom, such that a building could possibly be placed over an infantry stand.

    No preference.


    Avatar photoMike

    I don’t care for removable roofs as the resulting gap vexes mine eyes.
    Otherwise I don’t much care.

    Avatar photoRhoderic

    Solid (or hollow without accessible interiors), always and regardless of scale.

    For large engagements where figures are many to a base and precise positioning inside buildings doesn’t matter, I’d sooner find alternative ways of representing that troops are occupying a building. Ideally, I would have a few extra figures for each unit painted up and based in ones and twos on bases no larger than they have to be for the figures to not fall over. They would be placed on and immediately around the building as visual cues, while the unit proper is removed from the table.

    For skirmish gaming (which, after all, is a thing even in 6mm nowadays) where precise positioning inside buildings does matter, I prefer representing the interiors as separate pieces off-table, or in a pinch, 2D floor plans.

    Like Mike, I’ve given up on lift-off roofs. I used to love the idea of them combined with accessible interiors, but the reality has never lived up to the ideal for me, whether in terms of visual effect or of the amount of hassle involved. As for having buildings “encase” units via open undersides, I guess I just don’t see the point.

    Avatar photoMartinR

    All the buildings I’ve bought are solid, the ones I made myself out of card in it the mid 1970s are hollow.

    I don’t have a preference but I’ve not tried to put figures actually inside buildings since I was a kid. Troops are either in a BUA or they aren’t, so I use BUA templates with the building models on top.

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    Avatar photoNorm S

    Solid – I just use adjacency or courtyards or gardens or same hex location to represent building occupation / cover. Anything I buy with a loose roof gets glued and the joints pasted. As the scale gets smaller, I think the arguements for solid are more persuasive.

    Avatar photoGuy Farrish

    I have solid and hollow but no lift off roofs or floors – too fiddly in 6mm. I use any and all as if they are solid. I thought about fitting troops in buildings a long time ago but the model/ground scale disparities usually meant the bases are are all wrong. (in any size figure game)

    The troops who enter the areas where the buildings are come off table into a built up area ‘box’. Even if I am skirmish gaming in 6mm the buildings have floor plans off table, at a bigger scale so I can see where they are in relation to each other etc.

    Avatar photoShaun Travers

    For 6mm I would find it too fiddly to have lift off roofs or lift up buildings to put infantry in them.  So I have no preference on the building but would not use any mechanism to store units within them.  Such stuff would be wasted on me 🙂

    Now in 20mm I do have a few buildings with removable roofs and do use them to hide units in them.   But I think I do this only because I can as it is a bit fiddly and have been known to forget that there are figures  in there!

    Avatar photoNorthern Monkey

    In 6mm I see no need for enterable buildings(whilst for 15mm and above it almost has to be enterable for me to buy it), so I’m happy with either solid or hollow, although I wouldn’t be placing the building over the mini’s even if it did fit.

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    Avatar photoDarkest Star Games

    This has been a long running argument and one of the reasons I have not pulled the trigger on releasing the 3 dozen buildings I have ready to print (in 6mm and 15mm).  There always a lot of conflicting feedback, including people wanting large flat areas that they can put and “infantry stand” on, but as each game has a different size for stands, as well as shapes, which do you go with?


    For me, I’m like those above, using a side floor plan for cases where figures enter a building and have to interact inside, I don’t need or want removable roofs.  I would prefer hollow, both because it reduces shipping costs by weight and because it makes my boxes for hauling things between games a lot lighter!  Putting anything inside or underneath is a bonus!

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