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    Angel Barracks

    I have decided that I don’t have enough pieces like Anvil Gate:

    So I am going to make a pretty terrain piece using the Badlands Compound.
    Whilst it will be smaller I will still try to get it packed with nice little touches and details.

    First of all I have a nice steel base to mount it on thanks to PRECISION WARGAMES SUPPLIES LTD

    Next thing is to stick it down and hide the hairline gaps between the resin model and the steel base.
    I am using Windsor and Newton Sand Texture Gel.

    I apply this using a brush.

    It is nice and easy to use and gives quite a fine finish compared to Vallejo White Pumice which I use on my infantry bases.

    Then I do some work on the inside with some traffic patterns, so you can see that the interior is churned up and has gooves from people and vehicles moving around in there.

    Then the outside.
    The edges of the base will be flocked to match the table so the gel is not applied right to the edges.


    Cool! I absolutely love Anvil Gate, so I’ll be following this one. 


    Great stuff, look forward to seeing the progress. Thanks for sharing it.


    Very cool & inspirational! I like the different textures of the badlands buildings.


    Great tutorial, and I love the terrain!

    ClearHorizon Miniatures - 15mm Sci-Fi

    Angel Barracks

    Hold off on the praise until it is done though, I may ruin it!

    Rules Junkie Jim

    Very useful tutorial, I must get some of that sand texture gel, it looks handy. Must get some of those pick-ups too one of these weeks.


    Some lovely building and painting, thanks for sharing.


    Is it done yet? Is it done yet? Is it done yet? 

    Angel Barracks

    Is it done yet? Is it done yet? Is it done yet?

    Sorry no, been making other models and just about to finish typing up the KR 16 points values PDFs.
    Will do some more work later this week.
    Tomorrow I do some test casts for 2 new pieces…

    Angel Barracks

    Just a small update.
    Seeing as this model is based and it does not need to be taken apart for storage I have filled in the hairline gaps between the buildings and the rear wall.
    I have used a couple of coats of liquid green stuff.
    It is the same stuff I used to make the texture of the walls so it blends in well.

    Then paint it up so it is less green!

    Next up I am making some small sacks to go on a roof, plus there will be a ladder and a Soper generator.

    Angel Barracks

    As promised, a soper generator, some small sacks on the roof and also a ladder and some defensive bags around the gate.

    The base coat for the ground is a B&Q sample pot of ‘clay’ coloured paint.

    The ground has been washed in my multipurpose Coat d’Arms Super Wash dark Brown (117).

    This will be drybrushed later.

    I have made some sacks of supplies and put those on the roof, only partially painted for now.
    I have added a Soper generator, after all we need juice!
    I have also used an N scale train ladder to aid with getting on the roof quick sharp.

    I decided after some pondering to add a sandbag defence area out the front.

    I used an old mould I no longer cast up and sell from, and sanded off the base until I was left with the bags only.
    I will add some stuff to this like a chair and an MG of some sort, maybe a sign?

    I am planning on a few solar panels to go on the roof, and a washing line with some stuff on it drying in the lovely sunshine!

    Angel Barracks

    I have drybrushed the ground.

    There is the oil leaking Soper generator, the bags of stuff on the roof, the ladder and the sandbags out the front.

    More stuff to come.

    Angel Barracks

    I have made the washing line:

    Once it is dry I will paint it up.

    Solar panels next I think.

    Angel Barracks

    All done, will do some proper photo’s tomorrow.


    I am green with envy AB and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a washing line on a piece of wargames terrain, let alone a 6mm scale one!

    Angel Barracks

    Yay, all done.

    Not the most exciting of my work, but still pretty nice.
    And hopefully cool enough to maybe just sway some people over to 6mm…!

Viewing 17 posts - 1 through 17 (of 17 total)
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