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    I’ve been working on some more terrain for my moderns. I started these buildings maybe 2-3 years ago but never got past the detailing stage. Its a Gamecraft building which I added extra details to and I also made it thicker (it looked too narrow IMHO). The back is etched acrylic and is nice but the details do not show up very well in the photos.

    Building 1

    Building 2

    Extra pieces of foamboard to make the building wider

    Comments etc welcome



    The finished buildings


    These are based these up to represent a school yard but they could be anything. I went with modular bases to give me some flexibility to add or remove different bases. I tried to lift my painting and airbrushed the base colour and highlights. Also I spent a lot of time on the windows and they have come out very well. Overall I am very happy with the results. Remember these are 6mm scale  😀

    The main buildings are Gamecraft, the shed is Leven miniatures and the walls are from CNC. The base is plasticard with painters masking tape stuck one and it creates a nice concrete effect.


    Angel Barracks

    very nice, as I expect from you.
    Crumbs, yes, I see why you added the foam card, the drain pipes are excellent!

    Angel Barracks

    I see also how the original windows are done, not sure I would have gone to that much effort.
    Painted black base and picked out the panes being careful not to get paint in the black recess?


    Cheers. The windows are very well cast and ok to pick out. I painted each pane and then highlighted it and then went over it with a 0.3mm black pen between the window panes, and then more highlighting.


    Fantastic work, as always – I particularly like Groundskeeper Willie’s shed! – although don’t you need some bike sheds as well for the kids to misbehave behind? 


    Fredd Bloggs

    Ooooh like that, hmmmm ideas….


    Thanks for the comments

    I’m all inspired and have started on these two new/refurbished bases
    Radio Transmitter
    This is a Gamecraft mast with a Leven building as the Generator/Transmitter building. The base is plastic with masking tape on top followed by caulk patches. I added the fence with is made from brass etch but it is a tricky to mount and not bend!I also added a bit to the top of the mast form some brass tube. I going to add something to the base for the mast to slot into (the mast will be removable).


    I decided to convert this building as I can’t say I have ever been happy with the basing. So I made a new base and a shed for Timecast (I think) and some debris and junk on the base. Also there is a couple of H&R new barrels and the large drum on the brick base are from Timecast. This base is deigned to be a filler between two larger bases so I only used a little piece of fence for it.

    More soon hopefully!

    Angel Barracks

    ooooh I will get me one of those masts I think, looks aces.

    I like the piles of crud too.


    Yes the mast is very nice. A bit fragile being card and i think you could reinforce it with wire inside.


    Hi all

    I’ve finished these new industrial terrain pieces and them on my website. There is the School, Radio tower, and reconditioned a Garage and Trucking yard.

    More pictures and information here




    Those look great.

    With modular bases, you can easily add different details to suggest different features as well: parking lot lines, school yard marking (four square or basketball), etc.

    I haven’t gotten any of the Gamecraft 6mm buildings (I’m on a 15mm kick at the moment). Allen’s a great guy, so it’s nice to see people posting them.


    Very cool stuff !!!!

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