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    Avatar photoJust Jack


    I’ve got two sets of identical Warsaw Pact-equipped forces ready to go for Brigade Command play-testing, one in green and one in khaki. I’ve got so much more work to do with my 6mm toys, but I was able to focus and knock two forces out so that I can help take some of the play-testing pressure off of Jozi’s Tin Man, who’s done all the heavy lifting so far. Actually, the two forces still aren’t completely finished: I told myself I was going to put bushes on the all the bases, but I don’t think I’ve got the strength. But I still need to give them a matte spray.

    The whole shebang, Warsaw Pact forces for the ‘green’ side and the ‘khaki’ side. Each stand is a company, so each side has:
    -three battalions of tanks
    -three battalions of mechanized infantry
    -a battalion of engineers
    -a battalion of either Airborne or Naval Infantry (bear with me, I’m not picky so these stands will be which ever one I need for the scenario)
    -two batteries of artillery
    -two companies of self-propelled ATGMs
    -and various Air Defense, Reconnaissance, and Infantry Heavy Weapons attachments.

    To see about thirty pics of the mess, please visit the blog at:


    Avatar photoRod Robertson

    Just Jack:

    So that’s what you’ve been up to for the last week or so. Very impressive, but regrettably this is delaying KG Klink’s invasion of France  and is therefore an intolerable distraction from your primary purpose, which as we all know is, entertaining ME with battle reports about Herr Klink and his adventures. So get with the programme Jack and get the Ghost Division moving. As an aside, and in no way to encourage your distracted nature, your moderns look great! Enjoy playing 5Core with them after France falls!

    Jack, photo # 8 seems to show your Green Force engineers in more modern MTLB’s and not in antiquated BTR 50’s as the caption indicates. The Khaki force engineers do seem to be in good old BTR 50’s however.

    Cheers and right gaming.

    Rod Robertson


    Avatar photokyoteblue

    Very cool stuff Just Jack, I look forward to your AAR’s .

    Avatar photoJozisTinMan

    Great looking stuff!  And while I support KG Klink’s further adventures, I am eager to see what you think of the rules.   I have not painted up or used any Engineers yet, and I’d like to see how you employ them.

    Also, are you going to run Battalion 120mm mortars as attachments?  I ignored them for my Motor Rifle Battalions, assuming they were factored in, but I have the figures and you know how that goes…

    Keep it up and get some lead on the table!


    Avatar photoJust Jack

    Rod – This isn’t delaying the Fall of France, I’m waiting on stuff from Pendraken, then I’ve got to paint and base it, but it’s not a lot so it won’t take too long.  And you’re right, I made a mistake: the green force’s engineers are in MTLBs.

    Kyote – Thanks Old Man, and AARs will be coming soon to entertain you, as well as Rod (though he doesn’t yet realize they will entertain him).

    Jozi – Thanks man, and I’ll look to get them on the table this weekend.  I’m sure I’ll like the rules as they’re based off 5Core Company Command, which is based off Five Men In Normandy, both of which I’ve had a great time with, which really pains me as I really can’t stand Ivan 😉
    Regarding engineers, I’m thinking:
    1) They can throw up bridges (1 – won’t work in this location, 6 – try again next turn, 2-5 – good to go, can use right away).
    2) They can clear minefields (first, we need to address minefield! 1 – can’t clear, 6 – try again next turn, 2-5 one base width cleared, need to figure out how ‘deep’).
    3) Maybe give a bonus to them close assaulting in urban and fortified areas.

    I am going to try out using the mortars as attachments; why not? 😉  I like the idea of having them, machine guns, and ATGMs as platoon-level attachments in direct support to line units, I think it will work out nicely, though I don’t see any problems with simply folding them into the battalion’s firepower either.  That’s just another ‘what’s great’ about the rules: a solid system that you can easily add to and subtract from to exactly the flavor you’re looking for without messing anything up 😉


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