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    Andy W

    Hi All,

    New member de-cloaking to say hello.

    I normally peruse the TMP pages, but don’t hold that against me….

    I’m toe dipping into 6mm Sci-Fi for Horizon Wars and have just purchased a sample batch of Onslaught OTC minis from Vanguard (very nice).

    I also have a watching eye on em4 plastic mechs and spaceships, whenever the mechs become available.

    I’m just wondering about basing conventions as the rules are nominal 25 – 35mm.

    My gut reaction is to reach for the two pence pieces but wondering if that would accommodate the em4 mechs?




    Angel Barracks

    Thanks for joining!

    I have not even come close to getting my HW force together but I am using rectangles for bases.
    Helpful eh?!


    Mr. Average

    I base on 25mm and 40mm bases, whichnare very comfortable and play well for Horizon Wars.


    I’m using a bunch of small Flames of War bases (1<span style=”font-family: Times New Roman,serif;”>¼” x 1″ IIRC) </span>I had laying around: I first fought about 1″ circles but some vehicles (yes, Brigade Model British MBT, I’m looking at you) were a tad too large and visually unsatisfying, and a loath having just one type of unit needing a slightly larger base than everything else…

    I base infantry with the long side facing ahead and vehicles with the short one. Not sure why, it looks better this way…

    Trojan Points - 15mm (mostly!) Sci-Fi (well...) Miniatures Wargaming


    Mine are based on 2 penny coins.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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