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    Just Jack

    You’re kidding!

    No. Negative. Uh-uh, I don’t believe you.



    Darkest Star GamesDarkest Star Games

    Sounds like Jack has joined the Lurkers Action Front For Freedom (or “LAFFF”).  Don’t forget your pointy ears for the meetings! 

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    @Jack I guess you can’t unread it so yeah the backstories is pretty much what you wrote. At least you didn’t spoil Black Oak for DSG. Come to think of it probably my own fault the story must be that oobvious.

    Tired is enough.

    Just Jack


    I still think you’re putting me on.  In any case, for me, it doesn’t matter, it’s not knowing the end, it’s the journey getting there, which I’ve been enjoying the hell out of.  So keep it going man, and I think there’s still so much room to take the story wherever you want, the options are limitless.



    The three mercenaries indeed got paying work from the villagers. In the few days since they had arrived they had cleared much of the trees around the village, even Gord was beginning to settle in.

    The villagers looked excited and Lett asked one passing by what was going on.

    “The patrol is coming!” the woman replied cheerfully.

    True enough, familiar shiny breast plates began rounding the corner, it was quite an entourage. All three mercenaries made them selves scarce and moved further into the trees.

    “We surrounded them and cut them down! It’s a shame many of them escaped in the dark but that was how we defeated the infidels at Black Oak” a woman’s voice echoed form the road.

    “ADENA’S MERCY” Hanan cursed, having walked right into a branch, nose bleeding.

    It got the attention of a guard who came to investigate. The guard had no problem finding then and his face told them he heard the curse and knew they did no follow his faith.

    “GET OUT OF THERE YOU FILTH!!!” the guard commanded.

    The three didn’t comply and figured their best chance to come out of the situation alive was to take the initiative and attack. All three rushed the guard Lett leaping for his knees and took him down but Hanan and Gord missed with their swings.

    “Alert!! ALERT!!” the guard called for help.

    His friends barged without hesitation through the brush and engaged the mercenaries while the villagers scattered.

    They three still had the advantage and were ready. Lett was still grappling with the first guard and took a few cuts as the guard gained the upper hand.

    Hanan singled out a guard and took a swing but took a cut to his lower body instead.

    “I’m too old for this” he mumbled as he staggered back.

    Gord swung high and hard, aiming at his target’s head wanting to end the fight as quickly as possible. The guard’s helmet caved in and the man didn’t have a face anymore.

    The guards now had the advantage and pushed their attack on Hanan and Lett, easily taking down the injured Hanan, subduing him. Let managed to injure his quarry and stay in the fight a little longer. Gord in a frenzy charged at the same guard and sank his ax into the back of the man’s breast plate.

    The remaining guard seeing the tide had turn shouted.

    “Flee Lady Garette! It’s an ambush!!”

    Both Gord and Lett rushed his but the guard expertly took a swipe at Lett, taking him down. Gord didn’t fair any better and took a cut but was still in the fight.

    Gord, injured was still intimidating and herded the remaining guard away from the rest of the patrol, it was one on one now.

    Just as Gord charged.

    “Halt!” a woman’s voice again, “let me have this one!”

    Gord kept his eyes on his opponent making sure to keep them separated but also making himself surrounded.

    “He’s dangerous milady!” the guard warned and Gord felt a sense of pride.

    “OH PLEASE! I AM the adjutant commander I can handle a single southerner!”

    Gord didn’t wait for the conversation to finish and went for the guard again. The man wasn’t even surprised and easily parried his ax, stabbing him in the thigh and Gord was down.

    Tired is enough.

    Just Jack

    I guess those guards and Lady Garrette are pretty serious about their faith, fighting over a curse word! 😉

    I was surprised the mercenaries went down so easily, guess that was just down to poor dice rolling?

    Good looking fight, as always, and a quick little tussle.




    It might have seemed more lethal because the mercs didn’t maneuver much so every actions were attacks. I skimped on the combat description because I had something else prepared for this game (they were supposed to get hired by the patrol or villagers turn against them) but the first the dice rolls I got were Villagers FRIENDLY, Patrol UNFRIENDLY and PLOT TWIST.

    I was surprised Hanan went down so easily, that was pure bad dice roll. Lett had average rolls and Gord had pretty good rolls until the final guard. I got to give that guard a name now, he took down all three southerners without a scratch. Suggestions?

    Tired is enough.

    Darkest Star GamesDarkest Star Games

    Wow, bad day for the Mercs.  Looks like they’re going to get to know having irons around their feet.  Not knowing the background the 2 sides might just fight on sight due to ancient religious hatreds, especially the militant ones. I can’t imagine it’ll go easy on the Mercs seeing as some of the patrol are dead (or at least maimed), and I doubt the villagers will be liking them much now either.  Looks like their only hope is the travelling lady they met earlier.  Those dice sure can be fickle.

    Good stuff!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

    Just Jack

    Thundarr the Barbarian 😉

    Yeah, cheesy, not nearly as cool as “Cold Cash.” 😉




    Thundarr the Barbarian? The guy’s a Guardsman!

    Yeah I have the same fear for the mercs. I really don’t want to plan for their escape or something to save them because, thus far everything I’ve planned for got shotdown by the dice god.

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    Tired is enough.

    Just Jack

    Yes, but a brutally efficient one.  Besides, it’s just a nickname 😉




    A few days later once all the captive had came to the investigation began. Lady Garette led the interrogation. The villagers came out and spoke in favor of the three mercenaries.

    “They did good work here!” A man said pointing to the trees cleared.
    “They were honest enough and haven’t caused us any trouble.” Another man shouted.

    Sergeant Thundarr looked irritated.
    “They killed two of my men!! What about that?” the villagers backed off from the angry guardsman.

    “They’re southerners! That already is no good, they also haven’t renounced their old gods, that makes it a crime.” Lady Garette muttered to herself rubbing her chin, “They also killed, two of my men.”

    The villagers looked defeated and no one else spoke for the mercenaries.

    “Maybe you shouldn’t make the decision now?” Erska almost whispered “Take them to a town or back to camp for a trial perhaps?”

    Lady Garette looked thoughtful but was interrupted by Ella.

    “Taking them back for a trial would be what your father would want milady.” Ells suggested never taking her eyes off Erska. “More would also see you taking command and carry out your duty!”

    Lady Garette nodded, slightly and increasingly until she smashed her fist in her palm.

    “I have decided! We will take them to Gershon for a trial! All will see and judge them for their crime!!!”

    Sergeant Thundarr shook his head in resignation and followed the crowd as they gradually dispersed. Lady Garette and Ella disappeared into a house, presumably to make preparations before they set off.

    Erska was alone with the three tied up mercenaries.

    “Don’t expect my thank girl, you’ve only postponed our death!” Gord said in near disgust, “it would be more merciful to execute use now!!”

    “Just be glad we’re still alive you ingrate!!” Hanan kicked Gord’s feet.

    “As long as we’re still alive the gods may help us!!” Lett said more to convince himself than anyone else.

    “Gods? What have they ever done for us! Ever since Black Oak we’ve been…” Gord was getting started but was cut off.

    “Black Oak? You were at Black Oak?” Erska asked interest clearly in her eyes.

    “You would be interested wouldn’t you!!” Hanan said accusingly and Gord sneered.

    Erska didn’t understand and pushed ahead.

    “Lady Garette told me about the Battle at Back Oak.” pausing to gather her courage, “was it true?”

    The three mercenaries chuckled and shook their heads for a long while.

    “Probably not!” Lett told her.

    “We were within a day’s march from Gershon, it was our best chance to destroyed the Empire’s invasion but we needed more men. The army voted to set camp on a hill near Black Oak and wait for reinforcements.” He stared at Erska full of accusation. “Priestesses of Adena had marched out and promised allies, for them we waited.”

    Erska shifted uncomfortably.

    “The Empire sent it’s soldiers to block our path but we had the high ground so they held off their attack. It was in the evening that a party reached us.” Let paused and Hanan took over.

    “An advance party let by an acolyte was sent ahead with news their mani army would arrive the next day. She had with her, wild creatures sneaky little things. They took the woods to our right flank.”

    The three looked at each other before Hanan continued.

    “I don’t know what happened, maybe empire scouts thought these were our reinforcements or knew it wouldn’t get here but that night they attacked. We were unprepared and disorganized, they were everywhere.” They all stared into the long distance, “we ran, there was a gap in their line and we ran, the ones who stood their ground are probably dead!”

    After a long pause Gord added.

    “The next day, the army of Adena arrived and were ambushed! Now, THAT! was a massacare!!! Ask your friends about, that, Battle of Black Oak!”

    “Becareful who you’re dealing with girl, they’ll show you the same mercy once they find out who you are.” Hanan warned.

    Erska paled and backed off, looking around to see if anyone else had heard.

    The three mercenaries snickers.

    “Don’t worry girl, we wouldn’t say anything. Dead men tell no tales!”

    Tired is enough.

    Just Jack

    Very interesting, but definitely leaving us hanging!  I’m sure that was your plan 😉
    Was the fight on the hill actually a fight, or just part of the narrative to move the story forward?

    Can’t wait to see what’s next, and if Erska is going to get skinned by milady.  I suspect not, her and Ella seem to have a connection, and Ella no love for Lady Garrette.


    Darkest Star GamesDarkest Star Games

    I love how this story is developing.  I also had no idea you had so many figures already, you’ve been busy!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    Not sure what you mean about leaving you hanging, I was tired of typing. The prisoner scene should have been in last week but yeah I needed time to think. The flashback was there as filler. I thought about playing it out but was too affraid of it not fitting the background I created. After I posted this I regretted not playing it, it could have been funny if the empire got slaughtered at Black Oak and everything was a lie.

    The Black Oak flashback used 3mm minis from my first campaign.

    Tired is enough.

    Darkest Star GamesDarkest Star Games

    it could have been funny if the empire got slaughtered at Black Oak and everything was a lie.

      Different sides have different view points of events.  But, seeing as the Merc ran for it, maybe it was and Empire loss and they just weren’t there to see it and believe the propaganda?  Puts a different spin on things for sure!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    “But, seeing as the Merc ran for it, maybe it was and Empire loss and they just weren’t there to see it and believe the propaganda?”

    That would have made the characters so much more interesting. Lady Garette bragging about the victory. Villagers being super nice to the mercs out of fear and a new dimension why the Temple of Adena wants it’s people to travel in secret.

    Tired is enough.

    Just Jack

    Yeah, leaving me hanging, I want more!  I have an insatiable appetite for batreps in general and you’re stuff in particular.  Won’t mention anything about air mercenaries though 😉

    That Black Oak alt-history would’ve been a helluva twist!




    Teeve was frustrated but chuckled to herself, remembering the joke about a frustrated priesteee.
    It had been weeks and help still haven’t arrived, driving home how far the temple’s influences had deteriorated. The clues and tracks had gone cold by now, her only concession was she had narrowed down her suspects to two tribes, ‘Strong Hand’ and ‘Fish Bone’. These were old tribes and had a lot of hate for people. Teeve had been keeping track on where the tribes made camp so not to loose them. Now she couldn’t wait any longer, there are other tasks to be done and she was eager to finish this investigation and bring things to a close.

    Teeve visited Hogwheat briefly to procure some fish. Even though her temple used to get frequent offerings and menial things like fish were freely given as gifts, she had to pay for these. These people had no respect for her or her Goddess. Her coin purse a lot light, Teeve left, heading into the deep forest. Her first visit was the Fish Bone, of the two tribes they were the more resonable and less prone to killing humans on sight.

    Getting to the Fish Bone camp was uncomfortably easy. She had expected to be stopped by sentries but there were none. It made her even more nervous, she knew they were lurking amongst the trees, watching her.

    Finally the lurkers confronted her at a narrow pass. She was trapped and didn’t expect no less from the lurkers. Now comes the part she hated most, Introduction.

    “Praise, Adena! Goddess of nature and all things wild. I am Teeve, one of her priestess.” she said loud enough but careful not to shout.

    The lurkers made noises smongst themselves for a moment before one of them skittered into the trees. The rest lowered their guard and even relaxed, sniffing the air. After some time the lurkers parted way for a new arrival, their chief. The rest gathered around them, weapons lowered.

    Teeve dismounted, nodding to the Fish Bone chief. It in turned greeted her with bowed head and a hand gesture paying respect to the representative of Adena. Teeve approached the chief and handed it the fish she bought, the lurkers around them almost jumped in celebration.

    “Wot we help yu Adeeenaa preestesss?” the chief asked after inspecting the three large fish.

    ‘When dealing with wild creatures, even if they could talk in the common tongue it is best to get to the point and get out as quickly as possible’ Teeve rememebers the words of her mentor.

    “I want to know why lurkers are raiding villages, there are plenty of food in the forest, there was no need to steal from them.”

    “We war. Adeeenaa call, and we kill.” the chief said slowly careful with the unfamiliar language.

    “Adena? When?” Teeve asked, this was news to her. She recieved no words from the temple that there had been a sign from the goddess.

    “Not yu, Adeenaa preestess, call for war. We kill wiff Adeenaa preestess, kill the one god humees. Yu forget?”

    Teeve tried to make sense of what the Chief told her and needed to clear what she suspected.

    “You’re talking about the last war?”

    “No lass war, war not end, we kill still.” the chief bared his sharp teeth without menace.

    Teeve was beginning to understand. Although the temple and southerners had retreated and not made any more moves to oppose the empire the lurkers had continued to wage war on their behalf.

    “You need not fight anymore, the alliance was defeated.” Teeve explained.

    “NO! Adeenaa still live, we kill for Adeenaa.” the chief spoke with force, “we keep promiss.”

    Strangly, the chief’s words stung. She had often accused villagers of abandonning theold gods now the same was implied about her temple. It was getting no where and she wasn’t the kind of priestess to make these kind of negotiations. She needed help from a priestess trained as mediator, help the temple didn’t send.

    “Did the Fish Bone attack the village to tje South?” she said, pointing in the direction of the village.

    The chief and other lurkers looked puzzled a moment then as one they pointed in a slightly different direction, they were all snickering at her.

    “Village, souff, we not kill there, Strong Hand kill there.” the chief explained.

    It was as she had feared, the Strong Hand were responsible.

    “Are they sill at war as well?”

    “Yess, we kill one god wit Strong Hand.” the chief said and the lurkers proudly thumped their chest in a show of force.

    She had learned all she needed to know, even if she could talk the Fish Bone down from their war, it wasn’t her place. Her duty leads her to the Strong Hand now and she knew it would be a bloody negotiation. Teeve bowed, and turned to leave.

    “Is Adeenaa preestess wit one god now?” the chief asked. Lurkers all around her gripped their weapons tighter.

    Teeve paused, the atmosphee was changing but the accusation was uncalled for.

    “No, we are not with the empire.” Teeve said, not too sure if things had changed with the temple.

    “We see preestess wit one god humees.” the chief explained.

    “Me? Another priestess?” Teeve was curious, her mind was racing, could the temple sent help butwas captured by the empire, it was very possible.

    “Yesss, preestess, not yu.” the chief and a few lurkers pointed in a direction.

    This she had to investigate. Anyhow, a suicidal encounter with the Strong Hand wasn’t something she wanted to do anytime soon.

    “Show me”

    Tired is enough.

    Just Jack

    The plot thickens…  So Teeve knew about the existence of Lurkers, then.  Okay.  Bring on the Strong Hand.


    Darkest Star GamesDarkest Star Games

    Like it!  Will be interesting to see if these 2 priestess are at cross purposes.  Since reading “fish bone” I’ve now been humming ‘Party at Ground Zero’ and ‘Freddy’s Dead’…

    I really like how you have her on foot as well as modeled on horseback.  Are the horse and rider separate figures?  Looks like it, which is just wild!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    Yeah, I was too lazy to sculp the horse twice and wanted to see if it was possible.

    Tired is enough.


    Sergeant Thundarr wasn’t happy. He had lost two men in a pointless fight all because Little Lady High Born wanted to play soldier. To make it worst instead of finishing off the mercenaries Little Lady High Born wanted to take them to Gershon for a trail. He would have send for more men from the guard camp but they were low as it is and for the first time passed on his duty.

    The mercenaries they caught were the lowest of the low. He had no doubt they were part of the army that marched against the Empire years ago. The fact that they were here meant they were deserters, where other people fought, they ran. Scums.

    Thundarr looked at the little procession they had and the only hope he had was pretty Ella, Little Lady High Born’s maid servant. The handmaid had a good head on her shoulder, she’d make a good officer. Pretty too, that’s always good.

    His eyes glanced to the black glad girl traveling with them. He wasn’t sure about this one, she did fight the lurkers at the camp but something about her, Didn’t feel right.

    They came to a fork in the road.

    Lady Garette “Erska I fear we can only escort you this far. The road to the left will take you to Hogwheat. We have more urgent business at Gershon.”

    Erska was visibly relieved. Ella stepped close to her lady, having something to say. Lady Garette looked and her handmaid.

    “We need a witness, milady. We can’t trial these mercenaries without a witness to their crime.”

    Lady Garette landed fist into palm.
    “Yes, yes I totally forgot.” she looked at Erska, “I’m afraid you’ll need to come with us Erska, the Empire require your service.”

    Erska opened her mouth to protest but she coldn’t even get a word out.

    “Come now, Erska, nothing can be as urgent as service to the Empire.” Ella said with a sly smile.

    Sergeant Thundarr scratched his beard at the waste of time.

    They came across a mounted black clad figure blocking the road. Thundarr knew it something was up, no one blocks the road unless they wanted a fight, especially against a group flying a banner. He gripped the hilt of his weapon, ready to draw.

    From his vantage point at the end of the line he noticed the girl Erska shifting. The three mercenaries also looked like they recognized this rider as well.

    “Hail, there!” the rider said loudly.

    “Step aside, we are on Empire business.” Ella shouted back.

    Little Lady High Born too high to talk to commoners, Thundarr thought.

    “My apologies.” the rider replied, “But I have some matters with your prisoners.”

    “No you don’t, you heathen!!” Lady Garette yelled, drawing her sword.

    Ella tried to stop her lady but was too late Lady Garette had already charged. Ella and Sergeant Thundarr had no choice but to draw their own weapons. Ella followed her lady but Thundarr hung back, guarding the prisoners. He was curious how well the little high born would do I a fight.

    The two women took the rider by surprise, startling the horse. The rider tried to reign in her horse but was thrown to the ground but looked uninjured.

    Thundarr was so focused on the fight developing he didn’t see Erska had slipped closer to the prisoners and had cut them loose. Too late he realized what had happened and the girl and one of the prisoner slipped into the trees.

    An arrow few by and stuck to a tree trunk on the other side of the road. Thundarr looked around and random arrows were flying everywhere.

    “AMBUSH!!” he warned Lady Garette and Ella.

    Holding his blade high on one of the mercenaries neck he managed to subdued them as the flurry of arrows stopped. He looked around and there were only five of them left. The rider in black had escaped under the cover of arrows.

    “Sergeat! What ahppened?” Lady Garette screamed furiously.

    “That little @$%*#” Ella mumbled when she saw what remained. “I should have killed her when I had the chance.”

    “You knew the girl would help these scum?” Thundarr staring at Ella with accusing eyes.

    “I suspected!” she confessed “Now I know she’s allied with that priestess.”

    Lady Garette looked confused for a long time until she finally figured it out.

    “THAT BETRAYING LITTLE @$%*#!!!!!!” she screamed. “We’re going to find them and gut them!!”

    ‘About time’ Thundarr thought, now there’ll be some killing. He eyes the two remaining prisoners burning with menace.

    Tired is enough.

    Darkest Star GamesDarkest Star Games

    This is so good!  Prisoners still in peril, keep it coming please!

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."


    “We’ll hide here for now.” Teeve said, setting her things down.

    The lurkers gathered around them, their chief entering the ruins. The others stayed out.

    “Lurkers, what are they doing here!” Lett panicked, seeing the lurkers all around him, “no, get away!!” throwing stones at the creatures.

    The lurkers easily dodged the hastily throw objects and bared their teeth at him.

    “Cam down, didn’t you fight along their side during the war?” Teeve ased annoyed.

    “No, not me, not with these vile things, I’ll never fight with these things.” Lett crawled to a corner getting as far away as possible.

    Teeve was disgusted by the man. She turned to the acolyte. The girl was scared, she looked around aware of the lurkers.

    “And you? What have you got to say for yourself?”

    Erska hesitated for a moment.

    “Are you a priestess?” Erska said meekly, “I was meant to find Priestess Teeve at Hogwheat.”

    “I’m Teeve.”

    “Praise Adena, Priestess I…”

    “Explain to me why you were traveling with those soldiers!” Teeve snapped cutting the acolyte off.

    Erska explained, she was still nervous and spoke quickly but didn’t much.

    “Silly girl!” Teeve said, “Lurkers would never harm you if you told them you serve Adena.”

    She didn’t have to say anymore, the acolyte stared at the ground and shrank in shame.

    “We need to get back to Hogwheat and complete my investigation.”

    “Wait! What about the other’s, Gord and Hanan.” Lett shouted.

    Teeve turned to him, not happy.

    “What about your friends?” Teeve said without feelings.

    “We have to save them!! They’ll be executed if you don’t.”

    “You are expecting me and this acolyte to fight our way in to rescue your friends?” Teeve paused.

    “We fought along side your sisters, it’s the least you could do.” Lett blurted out.

    “YOU? Fought along side my sisters? You? A deserter! Still alive, while my sisters are all dead?” Teeve was furious now. “Did you not abandon them to die to save your own hide?”

    “But, we were surroun…”

    Lett cowered, Teeve towering over him, her hand on the hilt of her weapon.

    “Preestess.” the chief got her attention.

    She turned to him, her anger soften a little.

    “They ally, yes? We help ally, keep promise” the chief made his argument.

    Teeve’s face filled with realization and shame, she was abandoning the mercenaries just like they abandoned her sisters. She looked at Lett with angry eyes.

    “So be it, the lurkers wants to help you! Be grateful they still consider you their ally!” she almost spat.

    Grabbing her things she gestured Erska to follow her. They retraced their way back to the road, accompanied by the Fish Bone.

    Tired is enough.

    Just Jack

    Pretty wild, man, thanks for sharing.  I love how clear and crisp the photos are (wish I could do the same), and it’s sure going to be interesting to see how Teeve and Erska do against Lady Garrette, Erska, and my man Thundarr.



    I’m ending this campaign pretty soon, probably after Teeve meets the Strong Hand. It wouldn’t really end I just wouldn’t post it.

    A summary and more details when it’s over.

    Tired is enough.

    Darkest Star GamesDarkest Star Games

    Very nice writing.  Sad to hear it’s going to end so soon, you’ve created so many possibilities.  I hope it’s just a hold while you make more scenery and stuff to keep it going.

    "I saw this in a cartoon once, but I'm pretty sure I can do it..."

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