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    Tomias the Elf

    Hello, I just joined TWW today. I like pretty much all manner of wargaming but currently am most interested in 6mm sci fi. To that end, has anyone played any space hulk or kill team like games in 6mm? The idea took hold of me recently and was wondering if someone has had experience with it? Also, what rules do you think would work well for this? I’m pretty fond of Clash on the Fringe and think it could work well with maybe some tweeking and house rules to get the proper “feel”. And the fact that Khurasan finally released their 6mm space demons shortly after the idea took form in my mind, it is obviously some divine confirmation that it should be done 

    What do you guys think?

    Angel Barracks

    Thanks for joining.

    I have seen people play 6mm Space Hulk, as far as I can remember they used the SH rules.
    To be fair I am not the best person to ask about rules, but I was recently chatting to a 6mm manufacturer and he was contemplating making 6mm sci-fi spaceship interior scenery…

    Fredd Bloggs

    I saw 6mm Space Hulk done a few years ago, magnetised bases and map squares and played on a steel whiteboard.


    Well, now that you mention it 😉

    I’m currently building a set of 6mm Space Hulk tiles and doors out of granny grating and fridge magnets with cable clamp airlocks, with a bit of luck they’ll be finished by the end of next week.

    I also have some figures inbound from Onslaught miniatures for the actual Space Hulk games using the normal space hulk rules.

    That being said I also plan on using the tiles for 5core/CoTF and maybe even Rogue Planet with any of the other figs in my collection.

    If you like small scale skirmish, check out http://planetares6.blogspot.be/?m=0

    Tomias the Elf

    Thanks for the replies everyone!

    @Angel Barracks. 6mm sci fi interior sounds very interesting. I certainly wouldn’t be against using the actual SH rules, but in a fit of lunacy several years back, I sold off my copy  I very much regret that now but oh well. I’m sure GW will release it again soon enough haha. In the mean time, any idea where I could get my hands on just the rules?

    @Fredd Bloggs. The idea of magnetized bases and such has always seemed interesting to me, especially since it would mean less chance of models getting bumped around and such, but I’ve never actually taken the plunge to try it.

    @Strozie. I’d be very interested to see what you create! Sounds like a cool project. Out of curiosity which miniatures did you order from Onslaught? Legion by any chance? I’ve been thinking about ordering some of their OTC line for a future Japanese faction.



    I plan to play SH (and other rules) using the same method. I recently picked up some Epic figures but was going to be lazy and simply play on tiles printed on A4 paper. I picked up some Onslaught Sisterhood, as well as dark Realm for Imperial Guard types


    Tomias the Elf

    Jackson: Sounds cool! I actually just purchased the dark realms pax arcadia special forces miniatures. Pretty nice looking figures, and there was a good amount of variation, 6 poses overall. One was the commander and so there’s only one of him, but still a pretty nice variety.

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