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    Avatar photoShaun Travers

    After playing my first game in over 30 years of 6mm Cold War I played another! It has taken a while to get it written up. Similar scenario to the first one with the Soviets attacking a village held by some British.

    Full AAR on the blog:


    With the following shot of the Soviets dismounting to attack the village:


    looks great love the scenics



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    Avatar photoNorm S

    Plenty of action in the small format – nice. out of interest, on your 2′ x 2′, what sort of ranges are the infantry firing at and how far can they move in the open?

    Avatar photokyoteblue

    Nicely done !!!

    Avatar photoCount Belisarius

    Nice report. Any plans to try Tankwreck for bigger games? Just wondering how they work with lots of stuff on the table?

    Avatar photoShaun Travers

    Thanks all.


    Richard – I acquired the villages pre-done via ebay earlier this year and have been itching to put them on the table.


    Norm, infantry move 3″ in the open and infantry small arms need a 6 or less to 5″ and a 2 or less at 5″-10″. BUT, if any firer (including infantry) is firing at infatnry up to 10″, there is a -2 modifier.  so infantry firing on infantry is effectively limited to 5″ at a 4 or less (there are other mods for cover, suppression etc).  Note that small arms may affect light vehicles so do have a chance against them at 5″-10″.  And for my game I converted inched to cm, so infantry combat was at close ranges all the time!

    Count – very little chance of big table action.  i don’t have any space to set one up for a while, and if i did I would have to get my 20mm WW2 collection onto the table.  I do want to do 6mm on a larger table one day, but you may be waiting quite a few years!


    Avatar photoRod Robertson


    That was an interesting scenario and an exciting battle. I am looking forward to more from you! Thanks for posting the first two Tankwteck scenarios.

    cheers and good gaming.

    Rod Robertson

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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