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    Very nice, do like the chrome effect on that plane, any special paint?


    I really enjoy reading the background of each aircraft. The painting is good too, especially the yellow.

    Tired is enough.
    I like tiny miniatures

    Dave Crowe

    No special paint. It’s an old Citadel Mithril Silver still going strong from the 90s. I just base  and ink wash and then tidy up with another coat. It’s pretty forgiving stuff.

    Yellows are always a base of white with a yellow ink on top. Really pops that way.

    Thanks for looking. Glad you enjoy both the minis and the history. The two go hand in hand for me. There really isn’t one without the other.


    Your posts are always inspiring, Dave. Thanks for putting on another show.

    You'll shoot your eye out, kid!


    Latecomer to the party!

    But just WOW! Very inspiring photos and superb modelling and painting! Might have to revisit my BoB collection and China ’37 planes……



    "Even dry tree bark is not bitter to the hungry squirrel"


    What a brilliant thread. I’ve read it all through with fascination and joy. Thank you for the history and the photos. Brilliant!

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    Sniffing out unpainted armies!


    Hi Dave,

    A particularly timely topic from you as I am winding up my Pacific forces and float planes are already in my Scotia basket. How fiddly were the Rufe and Jake to assemble?

    Your work is once again fantastic and it´s always a pleasure to read your posts.

    Dave Crowe

    Thank you kindly all. Especially anyone who has just read through all four pages of the gallery. That’s some amount of reading. Two cups of tea and at least 4 biscuits worth I reckon.

    Patrick, both Rufe and Jake are pretty straight forward to assemble. Nothing too fiddly there. The Rufe has those very spindly outriggers though which will bend easily if you’re not careful. You could replace the struts with stiffer wire if they’re set for a lot of table time. But that I will admit would be a fiddly job.


    Hi Dave, thanks for the info. It is indeed those spindly outriggers that set off the fiddly alarm. 🙂 I´m only getting three Rufes so hopefully my patience can last that long!

Viewing 9 posts - 121 through 129 (of 129 total)
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