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    E.S Taylor


    A game we did at our local gaming club using some old school airfix 54mm miniatures and the five men at Kursk rules.


    Why 54mm?
    That is not a criticism, but rather a genuine question.
    It never appealed to me, what about it do you like?


    E.S Taylor

    The owner of the figures has for the longest time been looking for a game system to use his 54’s in. For anything 20th century you need small numbers since your troops are spread out, five core fits this perfectly. We doubled the ranges of everything (technically speaking we should do 4x) but found it gave the game that band of brothers or saving private Ryan feel.

    54’s are currently more affordable than 28’s and you can more easily customize your figures with various weapons and equipment.

    Ivan Sorensen

    First, glad to see you guys got some games in.
    I hope the rules flowed for you!

    Second, this is funny. I was just checking out the local hobby store and they have very little 1/72 scale (What I was after) but a HUGE selection of 1/35 WW2 plastics and I was pondering whether I should get some.

    They do have a lot of visual appeal to them, don’t they?

    Nordic Weasel Games

    John D Salt

    And the answer is:

    Mike wrote:

    old school airfix 54mm miniatures

    Quite right. These were some of the nicest figures ever sculpted, and cheap as chips, too. It’s a crying shame that more of them weren’t pantographed down to 25mm, as was done with some sets.

    All the best,


    Gone Fishing

    I love 54mm. It is by far the most appealing scale (size) to game in. There is something about the larger figures that has an electrifying effect on players – especially those who don’t generally go in for fiddling about with toy soldiers. Thanks very much for sharing!



    Here we go again!!!

    Just read this and bought the rules… damn ye!!!

    I’ve got some superb 54mm Conte British Paratroopers that have been wanting some warpaint for the last twenty years or so…. Arnhem Bridge end, here we come!

    "Wot did you do in the war Grandad?"

    "I was with Harry... At The Bridge!"


    Ahhh, the old Airfix ruined farmhouse! The amount of use that got when I were a lad….

    E.S Taylor

    There are also plenty of black powder era figures available in this scale as well. A shootout at the O.K corral or a woodlands skirmish during the french and Indian wars would be interesting to see at this scale.

    Ivan Sorensen

    I’ve kicked around whether a FiveCore black powder skirmish would be something people were into, but never quite decided.
    I think it’d work great but I get worried that the “Sharpe” niche is too crowded already.

    I mean.. a “true fivecore” with 5-6 guys on each side. We did just release Acrid Smell of powder but that’s for “mass skirmishing” instead.

    Nordic Weasel Games

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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