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    Avatar photoAlan Hamilton

    After a COVID induced break of over two years we managed to finish our long running narrative wargame/rpg campaign set in the Kingdom (now Queendom) of Belmain in Morval Earth this week set up by John (Slim) Munford.  The figures range from 50-odd-year-old Minifig ancients and Mythical Earth to recent plastic models and just about every decade between.  Models from Minifigs, Garrison, Citadel, Ral Partha, Reaper, Games Workshop, Gripping Beast, Asgard and many many more are all present.  See how many you can spot (no prizes).

    Some images of the battle in which the Ever Victorious Army of Queen Indrana (me) decisively defeats  the armies of Queen Parsifa (Richard) ending a narrative campaign of 8 actions.  Each is described on our website in pictures and then in “eye witness” accounts.

    I tried uploading pictures but failed so the pictures of this battle with over 700 mainly 25mm with quite a few 28mm figures can be found here:


    The background and the other 7 battles with character accounts can be found starting here:

    Avatar photoTony S

    That’s the way to do fantasy gaming!  Absolutely loved the amazing collection of figures and the old school basing and painted boards for the battlefield.  My nostalgia level is off the charts!

    Avatar photoWouter Wolput

    Most impressive!

    Funny to see how the well ordered lines end up in the usual chaos.

    Avatar photoAlan Hamilton

    Thanks, some of the figures are over 50 years old – the Minifig Persian Archer Regiment was bought painted back then, on their right are the Mythic Earth small goblins and on the enemy side are the Mythic Earth Uruk Hai.

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