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    piers brand

    1/72 Armoured Schwerer Wehrmachtschlepper with 37mm Flak 43 by Maco with AB Figures crew.

    1/72 Schwerer Wehrmachtschlepper by Caeser with AB crew, ready to tow and SHQ 88mm PaK43 with Blitz Miniatures crew the first piece for my new Kampfgruppe Chill project…

    Norm S

    Just stunning. I base my 10mm vehicles, but had thought larger vehicles too big to base, your stuff just proves that basing is for the good and how well it can be done.

    piers brand

    I tend to base for protection… partly.

    My stuff is stored in big drawers and the bases keep them apart, and when travelling for games the bases also stop the actual models hitting off each other. Added to that they also protect tracks and running gear too… especially truck wheels!

    But I also like the look too… It doesnt distract for me anymore than based figures do.

    So pretty and protection wins out. 🙂


    A very nice selection of figures, vehicles and equipment Piers.  I base most of my vehicles, figures and equipment as you say it for protection and storage.

    Steve Johnson

    Lovely stuff. AB figures must be the best on the market IMHO.

    malc johnston

    Very nice, well done love the colours



    Mike Harrop

    Very snazzy as usual


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    War Panda

    What a beauty babe

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Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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