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    Avatar photoNorm S

    I am putting together a generic system for generating mini campaigns that should work across the three core modules and / or any maps taken from the expansions for the Old School Tactical system.

    The system manages the start-up forces and board management, then players play a game (called an Action) followed by a Resting Phase, which is an admin phase that sits between the actions and allows reinforcements to be bought and other things managed, such as luck cards, leaders etc. Actions and Resting Phases are the played until the conclusion of the 4th Action.

    To give help tidy the generic file up, I am running through a campaign, the first instalment of which is up on my blog.

    Once the mini campaign concludes, if the Generic File is fit for purpose, I will make it available for downloading.



    Avatar photoNorm S

    Part 3 of the mini campaign is up and things are holding up quite well. Some small tweaks have been made to the mini campaign document.

    In this game, the village comes under intense pressure, but both sides are feeling the strain of not having enough infantry. LINK


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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