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    Avatar photoChris Pringle

    Anyone seeking an excuse to push a dozen French and Austrian battalions against each other in a simple symmetrical encounter battle need look no further than Verona. (The blog post links to my scenario for the battle.)

    I learned about this action from translating Clausewitz’s history of the 1799 campaign. Couldn’t resist this quote:

    “It is hard to find another action in such equilibrium in terms of its situation, its course of events, and its outcome. Both sides were divided into two divisions, under the orders of a general who was not the commander-in-chief; both were equally strong; both advanced to the attack; neither could drive the other off the position. We can say that here one force completely neutralized the other, while neither of them contributed to general success. The result was virtually zero.”

    Oh, and it features Poles, Swiss and Piedmontese in the French ranks, which is the kind of local colour we all want on our wargames tables.


    Bloody Big BATTLES!

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