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    Yesterday battle was well and truly joined in a big-battle play test of Dux Britanniarum at the monthly meeting of the DWG.

    The game was staged to test the rules for our annual December big game where all the club comes together at the end of year festivities.

    If you would like to see more pictures and background to the game just follow the link to the club blog.


    If you are also looking to join a wargames club here in Devon then you might like to come along and check us out. We regularly play three different games a month right across the spectrum, specialising in historical wargaming and always aim to get visitors involved in a game on their first visit. You should also know that the first visit is free allowing you to decide if you would like to join us on a regular basis.

    Details about where we meet and when are on the club blog together with plenty of examples of the kind of games we like to play.



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