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    Darryl Smith

    Here you will find items that I have for sale and items that I desire. My terms are fairly simple…I prefer PayPal for payments, and I only sell to buyers in the U.S. (I will admit, filling out the paperwork to send something internationally is a pain in the arse). The items are all in at least good condition from a smoke and pet free home. Some of these are items I have collected from eBay or The Miniatures Page, so previous ownership/condition is beyond my control, but I think you will be VERY happy with what you buy.

    PM me here or email preds81.ds at gmail

    Shipping is INCLUDED!

    Unknown Manufacturer – (painted) Ten 25/28mm Aussies for Vietnam. Mix of weapons (rifles, SMGs, GPMG). Bare metal would probably be $15.00-$20.00, with this nice paint job (not mine) they would run at least $4.00 per figure, I will sell for $25.00 (and that includes shipping).
    25mm Vietnam Aussies

    Peter Pig 15mm AK-47 Range – (unpainted) Three packs of code 4 (militia firing AK47), two packs of code 22 (militia command), one pack code 41 (regular/militia boy soldiers), and one pack code 57 (militia LMGs). Retails for $28.00, sell for $18.00.

    Rebel Minis 15mm moderns – (unpainted) Two packs of German KSK (code RBL-MH02), one pack hostages. Retails for $20.00, sell for $13.00.

    Peter Pig 15mm Great War Germans (Late War) – (unpainted) One pack of code 107 (HMGs), four packs of code 111 (infantry firing), and one pack of code 134 (stretcher bearers). Retails for $24.00, sell for $16.00.

    Oddzial Osmy 15mm “Green Men” (Russians) – (unpainted) Three packs of MD-1501, two packs of MD-1502. Retails for $17.50, sell for $12.00. SPOKEN FOR

    Quality Castings 15mm Modern Americans – (unpainted) One pack code 6108 (advancing), one pack code 6109 (defending), and one pack code 6110 (AT/AA weapons). Retails for $30.00, sell for $20.00.

    Flytrap Factory 15mm Marines and Insurgents – (unpainted) Two pack insurgents, one pack USMC rifle squad, one pack USMC Hoots (no longer in production). Retails for over $40.00, sell for $26.00SPOKEN FOR

    TTG 20mm West Germans – (unpainted) Three packs (EG01 officers, EG04 infantry with G3, EG08 infantry with G3). Sell for $10.00.

    Most of the 15mm MiniFig 1806 Prussians You Need Project (unpainted) – There are a lot of Prussians here for Jena and Auerstadt. Bought these already sorted from a chap. There are 16 Cuirassiers, 16 Hussars, 48 dragoons, 96 musketeers advancing, 72 musketeers march attack, 48 grenadiers advancing, 20 grenadiers march attack, 48 jagers, and a handful of painted infantry. All the above includes a good number of command figures. Cast super clean, by Game Figures, Inc. You just need to buy a bit of artillery and you have a heck of a force. Retails for $250.00, a steal at $150.00!

    The 15mm Viking project – unpainted packs from Khurasan and Splintered Light for a project that will never see the light of Thor’s day. Splintered Light: one pack of Dark Age villagers. Khurasan: Two packs of Bondi/Raiders infantry (code 1301), one pack of Bondi/Raiders archers (code 1302), and one pack of command (code 1304). Retails for $29.00, sell for $17.00.

    15mm Bloodaxe Hawaiian DBA army – unpainted DBA IV/12c mega mix with extra camp followers, priests, canoes. Retails for $14.00, sell for $10.00 (and will throw in four packs of Mick Yarrow Inuits).

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