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    As the title states I’ve gone and played myself a game of No End in Sight. My second versus another human(and a wargamer no less), with the added bonus of having forgotten to re-read the book again before starting so things were a bit wobbly on the rules front; to simplify I ran suppression as any second pin marker on a model will force it back three inches, loss of an Irregular leader means the unit is exhausted as it changes commander, due to the rubble and wreckage (or ‘rubbage’ for what actually came out of my mouth when trying to say that) the entire base for buildings counts as cover, not just inside. The theme of the terrain was not totally fitting either, being a grab-bag of bits from the club and stuff I’d been working on. My opponent and I are working to rectify this though.

    I didn’t come up with a name for the scenario I drafted but after the events I think I can safely title it:

    Eating a Whole Bunch of RPGs and Sniper Fire – The Game

    The setup was a couple of squads of Russians caught in an ambush at a crossroads against a platoon of Chechens. The board was a 3′ square, 28mm models used with no movement rate adjustment, the Russian deployment zone was the 1′ square in the center and the Chechen force allowed to deploy anywhere at the edges of the board but not past the half-way mark. The Russian objective was to retreat, with the wounded preferably, to the exit on the opposite side from the Chechen start point.

    Russians were rated as Trained, wearing Body Armour.

    Squads composed of Leader, RPG, Machinegunner with PKM, Marksman with SVD using Sharpshooter special rule and three riflemen, one with a grenade launcher.

    Chechens were rated as Irregular with an Intel advantage of ambush on the first phase for 2D3 extra action points, and a D3 advantage on subsequent phases.

    Their force consisted of a command section of three soldiers with rifles, then three squads of: leader, marksman (same as above), machinegunner, RPG with 2 rounds, and three rifleman; one with an RPO (one shot, ordinance attack. Didn’t work out a special rule for the thermobaric warhead this time, maybe next) and another with an underslung grenade launcher with 2 rounds. Reduce ammo because they’re Irregulars.

    I was playing the Russians as it was an intro game for my opponent. Plus it was his Chechen models after all, so I figured I’d be generous and let him.

    The Battle
    Due to a lack of action points and quite a bit of suppressing fire, the early game was slow for the Russians, as they were attacked from three directions at once and were not able to coordinate to break out. Shooting went back and forth, covering various aspects of firepower and interactions of explosive ordinance and the terrain, cover and such.

    The Chechens however were pressing hard on all sides, grabbing firing positions, gradually closing and chucking around RPGs and bullets with a merry abandon. Casualties remained fairly low for both sides until the mid-game, when things really went tits-up.
    Partly this was because I’d finally remembered to use smoke grenades to try and cover my posterior and withdraw, the left-side squad leader performing better than the right in terms of keeping things together and actually working on the objective of trying to haul ass out of there. The smoke though allowed things to get to hand-grenade range.

    The blue glass beads, despite being a nice calm colour, represent stress.
    Problem on the right of the battle was that both sides were dealing and taking a lot of fire, with the main group of Chechens coming down the center road eating a very lucky (well, lucky for the Russians) grenade that fragged several and left all but one running away. The Chechens also suffered multiple casualties of their squad leaders, though their Intel advantage and platoon leader kept them rolling with the action points to keep the pressure up overall it slowed progress and allowed the Russians for a few more moments without being sandwiched as much. Despite all that and giving technically better than they got, the casualties on the right Russian squad just piled up, especially once attempting to stabilise and drag the wounded away left them unavoidably bunched up and prime targets that the RPG gunners duly blasted.

    The Left squad kept up with the pace of events whilst gradually falling back, though the sniper fire from the large building on the top left there kept things difficult, they put down a lot of pins and a few casualties against the overly eager opposition.

    By the end game the right side squad leader was all that was left of his unit, conversely the left squad was managing to make progress towards the exit as the leader consistently rolled a decent amount for action points, getting his squad members unpinned and establishing a base of fire to drive back their enemy, throwing down lots of suppressing and sometimes lethal shooting as opportunities presented themselves.

    The Chechens finally fumbled and crumbled from the relentless combat, ammunition running out for the regulars and RPGs. But they still retained a strong presence with good fields of fire picking away at the Russians, the effective loss of two of the squads meant they were unable to exploit and pursue the ever so gradually retreating Russians in spite of their platoon commander making good use of his authority and the bonus action points from Intel. They’d handed out one hell of beating, taken one too, with more of their force on the floor or fleeing than fighting. But they could still comfortably call it a victory and were very much in command of the area, leaving more Russians on the ground than upright and escaping.

    Overall I’d say the system produce a very believable result, over-eager commanders on the Chechen side got punished for trying to swoop in and bunching up, the right-side squad of Russians fell apart as their leader failed to take the initiative and got ground down through massed use of explosives and well placed snipers. The Leader of the left-side squad was clearly the more capable and lucky of the pair, guiding his soldiers to rip into anything that moved and eventually pull back. The early battle was chaotic but with few casualties, the middle was frantic with desperate attempts to pull together some kind of plan in the face of increasing amounts of destruction being inflicted on both sides, and the end being a desperate scramble to capitalise on the weakened opposition.

    And at the risk of the moderns board becoming the NEiS board, I promise to post about my next A Fistful of TOWs game to balance it out a bit. Whenever that happens.


    Thanks for the AAR !!


    Sweet – nice AAR, and thanks for posting.

    Rod Robertson


    A very interesting Bat. Rep. and I am amazed that all that action fits on a 3′ x 3′ board. The blue beads were indeed calming and added an element of chic to an otherwise bloody business. Thanks for posting this as I am trying to read and sort out the NEIS rules myself and will someday soon try a game solo. Then I will bring it to my local gaming club and try it out with them. Your report was quite useful to me and is much appreciated.

    Cheers and good gaming.

    Rod Robertson.


    Ivan Sorensen

    Love the AAR and I, for one, would love to see a Fistful of TOW report. I’ve always wanted to play that but the cost kept me away.

    Looks like you ran into the intentional frustrations of NEiS too ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s amazing how much players will agonize and grumble over trying to get one soldier into a better spot or trying to salvage a situation as it goes bottom up.

    Any questions or concerns?

    Nordic Weasel Games


    No question really or concerns, pretty sure I get what’s going on with the game quite solidly now. Well, outside of vehicles, which I’ve not yet used due to a lack of appropriate ones available. I think even just a BMP-2 would have really helped the Russians in that fight, if only for the additional cover it’s hull would have provided.


    Just make sure the BMP-2 is destroyed in an appropriate place to give cover after it has gone

    Ivan Sorensen

    Yeah, with a bunch of RPG, the Bimpy might not last very long ๐Ÿ™‚

    Though if you can place it in a good spot, it can keep the enemy from moving about willy nilly nicely.

    Nordic Weasel Games

    Just Jack

    Great stuff Spurious, keep the batreps flowing!


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