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    I’ve not done much gaming recently but finding a copy of the original Ambush Alley from 2007 will hopefully change that. And I’ll be documenting it on my blog, warts and all.

    A new project – retro Ambush Alley

    Darryl Smith

    Best of luck pushing through all the scenarios. sounds like a great way to keep motivated and focused! You have got me thinking a bit about pulling out the original AA as well. I am really looking forward to the Boots on the Ground revamp which sounds like a move back towards AA with some smoother mechanics.

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    Buckeye Six Actual

    Shawn Carpenter

    Sounds cool, Solo! I’m looking forward to seeing how it goes for you!

    I’ve still got a huge soft spot in my heart for those original rules – hence our return to something similar to them for BOTG: AMBUSH ALLEY! 🙂

    Shawn Carpenter
    [email protected]

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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