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    So after I got fibre it’s much easier to delete and download games, I only have 500gig space and when a few games take between 150 and 200gig, I can only have 1 such game installed at any one time. So I deleted Medal of honor and downloaded Microsoft flight simulator 2020.
    Its been a few months since last time, and since then a few patches have come out that improve performance and people have found good settings that work with the various VR headsets.


    My G2 headset is really the ultimate Sim headset for the consumer market. With 4k crystal clear lenses.
    Sadly truly capturing how good it looks isn’t easy. When I capture video I capture it from my PC screen, not my actual lenses. So the video capture the binocular vision with the 2 separate lenses. So to actually get a video that looks good I have to crop the view on just one lens and make sure the black borders are gone. So this video really only shows about 70% of the view of 1 lens.
    And since my PC screen is 2.5HD and not 4k, some of the general quality is missing. I have edited the video and upscaled it to 4K, but I don’t know how well that worked.

    The video shows me taking off from Jarlsberg airport, and flying north towards Oslo, the video stops right before I get to the Drøbak sound.
    Ît was raining cats and dogs yesterday, So I played god and just flew in lightly clouded weather, but the evening sun is correct for the time of day and date.
    I recommend anyone watching it watch it in full screen on youtube with the highest resolution that matches your screen.

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    Thats looks like fun.

    Thanks for posting

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    I’ve played a couple of non-violent games.

    My entire army failed to activate, or suffered a morale failure; before the armies came to blows.

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