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    StarDrive 2(SD2) is a space x4 game, with all that goes with that, (Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate) You have about 10 races to choose rom, sentient plants, some owl slavers, samurai bears, fanatical squids etc. And of course humans.

    When you start the game, you have lots of options to customize your race, giving perks and negative aspects. Like having ships that take 25% more punishment from the start, but maybe you trade that for having clumsy spies?
    You explore space and colonize planets, some are easier to colonize than others, there are few really perfect planets. So you often have to work with them to get them up in running. You have a decent research tree that, lets you research stuff like cloning, banking systems, mines etc. And of course weapons and armour and ships. No x4 can do everything equally and this game definitely leans heavy on the Exterminate part. With combat and ship building being a big part of the game. The game as an awesome shipbuilding thing.

    Where you have the layout of the ship and then you can make it as you please, as long as you make sure the ship has power, engines and ammo.

    Here’s a small human frigate I made.


    Its main weapons are missiles, with a laser cannon for close combat. physical weapons like missiles, cannon, rail guns, torpedoes etc, needs ammo, while energy weapons can fire indefinatly as long as you made the ship with enough power. Besides the weapons it has a command senter, some small nuclear powerplants. and some light armor.


    Here is human Cruiser, bigger ship, bigger guns and more of them. It has a single powerful cannon, it has great reach. Two big laser turret, seveal small point defence lasers, some missile launchers, and Vulcan cannons. lots of ammo, command centre, 3 big nuclear reactors. 

    Da different type of Cruiser, this one got mass drivers, basically cannon on steroids and I got 6 of them. And I got some flank cannons and some point defence lasers and some shields. This is a long-range thing, it has very little close-range power, So need other ships to help in defence if the enemy gets to close.

    You can get some insane ships and weapons in this game. You get photon torpedoes, phasers, disruptors etc.  You can spend hours just designing ships, and upgrading them as new weapons, engies, powerplants etc get’s resereached.

    The combat is very fun and not as simple as you could guess from the graphical view. Here I’m in a battle with 3 cruisers who’s main weapons are missiles. Luckily my ships had quite a few PD lasers, and so not a single missile reach my ships, and that’s cool you can really counter enemies with the right combos. And they you, I have lost whole fleets by attacking an enemy who’s defences made my weapons almost useless.

    Part of the research tree

    Planetary overview

    Start of an Empire?


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