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    I am embarked on a crazy project for a games convention near Vannes (Brittany, France) on March 25-26…
    We’ll have four large tables (1.80m x 3m or 4m) representing a medieval fantasy kingdom. One table for the Royal lands, one for the East, one for the North, one for the Western Isles. One or two towns or villages on each table… Different “imaginary” cultural contexts on each table (for example: near-Late-Medieval-Europeans in the Royal town, near-Vikings in the North, near-Picts in the Isles)…

    It’s planned for 10-15 players who will be nobles/leaders of troops of 20-25 miniature warriors; or, for some others, merchants or diplomats, etc. They will have to negociate, to try to become Barons and members of the Royal Council, and/or to try to become richer (sending commercial products from an area to another), to discover old mysteries and hidden treasures… and to make war if they need to.
    We’ll call it (in French) “Trônes de Oufs” (“Ouf” is slang for madman). There is absolutely no reference to any names or context of a well-known television series! which is just a general inspiration for this idea of non-historical diplomatic and role-playing miniature mad game…
    A first explanation for players (in French; the pictures are from previous historical games) is here:


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