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    Ivan Sorensen

    The Matilda thread was fun so let’s talk about Cruiser tanks, specifically the Mk 1.

    Often maligned (and it certainly had its flaws) I must admit it’s rather satisfying to knock out a Panzer with this guy.
    14mm armor on a good day but packing the respectable 2 pounder, it’s a bit of a wasp isn’t it?

    How many Mk 1 are in your collection? How often do they see the table?

    Nordic Weasel Games


    I have 2 of them in 15mm.


    Two in 15mm, again doing service with BIFF.


    Oh, and about 20 in 6mm

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    About 20 in 6mm, and 8 of them for 15mm.  Sadly, none of them have seen the table top in ten years.


    I love the old Cruiser tanks, I don’t have a A9 but have A10s and 13s in abundance.

    I play historical scenarios rather than points based so with our desert games being 1940 or 1941 only they are on the table all the time. Decent match up for the Italian stuff but a “challenge” when the Panzers arrived.

    Regards Ken

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    Rod Robertson

    I have one troop of three A-9 MkI Cruisers in 15mm scale. They are essentially self-propelled, scrap-metal heaps and when played they often fall victim to German anti-tank rifles, heavy machine guns and Panzer II’s. The most ignominious knock out on my gaming table occurred about 7 or 8 years ago when a Pz IB manoeuvred around the flank of an A-9 and put it out of action at about 200 meters range (40 inches on the table) with its machine guns! I loved it (being one of the German commanders in this game, although regretfully not the one who executed the daring manoeuvre and coup de grace). The event sealed the gaming fate of the A-9 and the hate which my fellow gamers now have for this tank and more generally the early Cruiser tanks. Still, in my opinion, it is fun and if it gets the first shot off, it can maul the best the Hun can throw at it. Using these fragile and brittle vehicles takes skill and nerves of steal coupled with good fortune on acquisition rolls. In a way it’s an early metaphor for modern armoured combat’s lethality today, where if you’re seen, you’re likely killed by your enemy’s first landing shot.




    I have a soft spot for lean, mean A13s, so I have a few of those in 15mm, but the poor old A9 and A10 are related to my 6mm ‘junk’ regiment which I use for early war desert battles.

    I wouldn’t be too sniffy about these lightly armoured tanks, interwar light and medium tanks were commonly only Armoured against machine guns, even the early models of the Pz III and IV. The idea of ‘shell proof’ medium tanks was more of a late 1930s and early 1940s thing. The British cruisers did mount one of the most effective anti tank guns of the era.

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    I have A9s, A10s and A13s in my 6mm collection. No idea how many these days, because they are in the attic awaiting the opportunity to use them, but certainly enough to play all the scenarios in the Benghazi Handicap book using CD:ToB. I love these early tanks with their tinfoil armour. My favourite is the MkVIb though.

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    Say what you want about the A9, but when they roll onto a civil war battlefield in 1938 they certainly pack a punch! Within the fairly anti-tank gun free realm of VBCW, those early Cruiser Tanks are perfectly suited to dominate the battlefield, with their only real counters being other Tanks or petrol bombs. That being said, there are very few Tanks out there that won’t quite quickly knock out a cruiser tank.

    Still, three Vickers machine guns on one mount are fun while they last.

    To model the effect of Nuclear weapons on the wargaming table, apply jerry can of fuel to board, light match and stand well back.

    Ivan Sorensen

    John – Always a chance for a T26 vs A9 showdown 🙂

    Nordic Weasel Games


    I have the old Airfix guide to British armour in WW2. Since reading it I fell in love with the A9 and A10. They just look really cool, sleek and functional.

    I have yet to actually spend money putting one on the table though. My 20mm WW2 collection has stalled at late war generic infantry and panzer IVs vs Shermans.

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