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    Hello all,

    I posted AAR14, an after action report of the latest battle between my African imagi-nations Uwanda and Mugabia.  It is located at:

    AAR14 Charging Ahead

    Uwandan armored cars advance

    Thanks for looking,


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    Thanks Irishserb !!! I want to game on your table !!!!

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    The bush wars commence, oooo’ra. I hope your steering clear of the refuge camps?

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    Avatar photoJust Jack

    Yowzer, that was a helluva fight, took me by surprise.  I’d gotten used to the convoy ambushes; you said tactics were changing, but I wasn’t expecting a full-scale invasion!  The game looked great, and like a lot of fun.  I’m glad to see you’re back in the game, and look forward to the next installment.


    Avatar photokyoteblue

    I like the way the campaign is going, from small raids and ambushes to the full on invasion.


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    Kyoteblue, You are welcome to my table any time, should you ever be coming this way.

    Not too many refugees yet, the ULF and Mugabians dissuade people from fleeing, and those that have are well received by the Uwanda government to this point.  I had loaded the town with civilians for this game, as I had expected them to add to the chaos as the Uwandans overtook the town.  Since that didn’t happen, the Mugabians have encouraged them to move north or east.

    I rolled up a few more ambushes, but the convoys started moving faster and got gunship escorts, and no fights took place.  Also rolled up a random Air patrol sighting of ULF moving on foot, but the Strikemasters lost them in forest, and managed to miss everybody on the attack runs.

    The dice say there will be an immediate follow-on battle to the one above, so I’m getting ready to start that now.  Uwanda’s big plan really didn’t allow for this; I’m not sure that Uwanda can follow through with the plan, even with a victory early on.  the extra time and early losses give Mugabia time to reinforce and better odds.




    Avatar photokyoteblue

    Thanks Dude !!!

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