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    I posted AAR16 (and didn’t typo the number this time) on my blog.  Another battle between African imagi-nations Uwanda and Mugabia.   It is located at:

    AAR16 Uwanda Recharged

    A little different than the last game.

    Thanks for looking.



    Another good game !! Hey I like the sparse look of your trees on the table.


    Fantastic stuff!! I look forward to reading more as the conflict unfolds.




    Rod Robertson


    Great report on a very exciting and extremely deadly battle. That arty sure was a brutal weapon. Such high death rates made this a vicious fight. Very interesting. Thanks for posting this as it is most inspirational to me! I’m still painting Taliban US infantry, Brits and Canadians, but eventually I’ll get to my Africans and FFL forces and these reports propel me forward. The border station looked great and the fencing fitted nicely. Well done, sir and keep them coming! Keep well too.

    Cheers and good gaming.

    Rod Robertson.


    Thanks guys.

    The first volley of arty missed the intended target, but took out the command and radio to the Mugabian first line along the fence.  Then they had outrageous morale rolls for several turns and held their ground despite the arty.  The result is that a lot of their dead sat in the arty for many volleys,  getting hit and re-hit.  Very ugly.  Most of the Uwandan dead were in one M3 half-track that took a mortar round (in the infantry compartment) and an SU100 round on the same turn.  So their numbers look weird too.

    I was happy with the fence, but realized that I need to make almost as many blown up sections as standing.  I’ll have to get more.

    The next battle is set, has been for a week, but was out of town last weekend, and going to an IPMS show today, so not sure if I’ll get to play it this weekend or not.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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