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    Another project from years ago:

    Given that La Belle Alliance was an inn at the time of the big battle, I am assuming it was in normal working order.

    As such I am thinking it will have a back yard.

    What is this likely to be like?
    Small wall with barrels and kegs and hay and the like in it?
    Big affair with stable and a well?

    I was thinking something like this>

    What do you reckon?

    Anyone have any images at all?

    You can see in the first section above the base colour of the roof.

    Below is the roof after 3 hours of painting.
    I applied 5 ink washes to build up a gradual weathered look.
    Then true to form started painting each tile one by one.

    Here is about half of them done.
    Once the rest are done in this colour I will pick out some tiles in other colours.

    Not sure how many shades yet but probably about 5 or 6 shades for the roof tiles.

    more to follow as time allows.

    The roof tiles are pretty much done.
    A variety of shades, as no doubt they would have been replaced when damaged with whatever was available at the time.

    I will try and take some photos during the day as it looks better in sunlight.

    Walls next…

    Finished the tiles (for now)

    Next stage was to paint the base whitewash over the walls:

    Next stage is to weather the whitewash.
    This will be inkwashes and blending and all that jazz…

    Anyone got any images that clearly shows the colour of the woodwork?

    Now that the bright whitewash is done, time to make it dirty…

    I started with a grey wash that was mostly water all over the white.
    Then I did six progressively less watery washes and varied where I put them to create darker dirtier areas.
    Then a few brown washes using the same method.

    Then once that was done it was quite dirty, too dirty (but that was planned) so I did the same with a white wash, gradually making it thicker.

    Next will be some painting with just white from the pot to finish the highlights on the white areas..

    Here are a few shots:

    It is beginning to look like it was once brick that was painted white that got dirty.
    I think…

    The final stage to the walls is done.

    White paint was used to pick out raised areas and to highlight individual bricks.
    Several coats were applied in some areas to create a very real looking layered effect.

    Here are some pictures that come close to showing that.

    Woodwork next, a dark brown/black I think looking at the various books I have and images on the interwebs..

    The basic model is all done.

    Windows were painted black and then a couple of shades of grey used to add reflections.
    Then a slight inkwash around the window frames.

    Then some gloss varnish on the window panes to make then properly reflective.

    Just need to add some matt varnish to it all (except the windows) to protect it and stop the tiles from looking shiny:

    Just the basing now…

    I have decided on a layout for the yard at the rear.
    I am for once going to keep it simple.

    The main building is pretty enough so there is no need for the surrounding area to outstage it.

    I have a few piles of barrels and a haycart as features, they are on bases however so the ground around them needs to be raised a bit so they look like they are on the actual ground and not on a pile of wood on the ground.

    I have used Windsor and Newton Sand Texture Gel once again as it is just so great to work with.

    You can see the stages after it has been brushed onto the base.

    Wet, dry and brown sprayed on it as an under/base coat.

    Oh and I drilled a hole for the tree I will be adding later.

    I have painted the barrels and sacks and done the haycart.
    Slowly but surely starting to take shape.

    Iffy lighting means you can’t make out the shading on the hay, it is there, honest guv.
    Won’t be long now..

    The muddy earth area is painted, here you can see the mud on its own and below that a shot that shows the Inn placed in situ.

    Clearly there are a few small gaps between the mud and the building, these will be filled in later.

    Next the step of dread..
    I don’t think anything I have done here has required any particular skill just a lot of patience.


    The gaps have been filled using my super cheaty method.

    Brown flock has been added around the edges of the buildings and the edges of the muddy textured area, this will help it look more natural when I add the multiple layers of greenish flocks.
    It will seem a more gradual transition than green flock to brown clay.

    The first stage of flocking is done.

    The base coat was grass green by woodland scenics.
    This is traditional flock as opposed to static grass.

    I find using this gives a nice lush feel to the grass as it provides a nice base for the static grass to rest on.

    There are a few shots from various angles to give you an idea of the colours and layout and the height of the static grass used.

    I have varnished the roof tiles so when dry they will be less glossy.

    I also spotted a bit of green paint splashed on the haycart, my bad.

    Next is some more scatter work including flattening some of the grass to create walked on areas, tufts of taller grass and so on..


    I have trimmed the grass in front of the doors at the front and trimmed the grass at the rear.
    It has had the effect of lowering the grass by about 1/2mm, this creates a path like/worn down effect.

    It is very difficult to capture on film, but I will try for the final money shots.
    It is quite evident however if you run your finger over the area, you can feel the dip.

    I have added various tufts and what not to break up the otherwise flat lawn like area.

    The paths at the front are not obvious enough however so I am going to flatten the grass even more and add some very fine powder flock in brown to make it look like earth.

    Not much left to do now..

    Add the tree, touch up a few bits and then add a few more bits of static grass here and there.


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