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    My latest baby, “Ad Mare Bellum” (AMB) uses the system developed for “Lord of the Sea” and “Cannon, Cross and Crescent” to give quick playing set of Ancient naval rules covering the period 2000BC to 900AD, They are aimed at small and medium sized games with up to 30 or so ships a side to be completed in a couple of hours or less. They have been written with 1/1200 models such as those from Navwar and Langton in mind, but could be used with larger or smaller models with appropriate changes in ranges and movement. Bookkeeping is minimal, using simple markers to indicate ship damage and crew casualties. Data for over 30 different broad ship types and nine different fleet lists are included, from the Egyptians and Sea Peoples, through classical Greek and Roman to Norse and Byzantine fleets and ships.

    Available from Wargame Vault for a mere fiver ๐Ÿ™‚




    Very nice, you do love your naval…


    I do like Cannon, Cross & Crescent. How do these compare to Poseidon’s Warriors?

    The tree of Life is self pruning.


    I don’t usually like to compare my rules with others as that sort of thing sometimes comes across as a bit bitchy or unpleasant. I’d just say the following:

    Less glossy production

    Similar level of play (individual ships)

    Covers a far wider spectrum of history and so a few aspects of naval warfare that PW doesn’t


    Northern Monkey

    This looks interesting and im after a new project, would you consider it a complex game, and do you have to be an expert on ancient navies to play it?

    My attempt at a Blog: http://ablogofwar.blogspot.co.uk/


    Not complex at all, the emphasis is on fast play and fun, which is what I try to achieve with all of my rules these days

    Steve Burt


    These look pretty similar to ‘Corvus’ in terms of complexity (different mechanisms, though).

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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