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    Got out the floor tiles, buildings and some Titans for a solo (BNM) play testing game.  I had a lot of fun playing both sides, trying to remember what part in the move sequence I was at was challenging at times.  As I have not played this game since 1991 some 26 years I had forgot how much fun it was.

    Traitor Titans, the weapons on the Titans do not match the cards.  This is not to much of a problem when playing against an opponent but as I was playing solo I constantly had to refer to the cards.


    Loyalist Titans.


    The forces ready for action.


    First shots to the traitors, hits on the void screens.


    The Loyalist return fire, hits on the traitor void screens.  They will soon drop.


    The traitor taking hits, “ouch this hurts” as an other traitor rushes to his aid.


    After some ineffectual traitor return fire, I realise not to place to Titans close together when somebody is shooting weapons with burst circles.


    At the other end of the street a traitor tries to rush up behind a loyalist.




    Both traitor Titans taking a pounding from the loyalist.


    Meanwhile down the street both these clash in close combat


    The first Traitor bites the dust


    Combat overview


    Second Traitor Titan down


    The third Traitor Titan takes its second hit to the reactor, it does not survive

    A well deserved victory to the Emperors loyal Titans, I had a lot of fun.  The next game I am going to use one Titan a side, so as I can work on the finer details of game play.  Favourite weapon of the day has to be the dual four barrel multi launcher, they knocked down the void shields thus leaving the Titans open to killing shots.




    ahhhh happy days, thanks dude!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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