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    Wanted to do a campaign like Just Jack where I follow a unit through a war. I wanted more decision making and risk in the campaign, and added a few more dice rolls to add some uncertainty. This is pretty much a test of the campaign idea as well as combat rules.

    Forming up the Troop.
    Rolled d100 gave 28

    28th Miliz, Leichte Korps
    with authorized strength of 24 men.

    The other corps is Krieg Korps

    Recruiting pool was 5d6 (after each patrol the recruiting pool will decrease by 1D6)
    For the first campaign turn I’m just going ot have a full cadre of 30 recruits. After each patrol the recruiting pool with reduce and has to be rolled for.

    Decided on rating of 3 for Militia troops.
    Rolling 30d6 gives

    2x 1s
    9x 2s
    5x 3s
    4x 4
    4x 5
    6x 6s

    For exactly 19 men and women finishing bootcamp.

    Divided into four teams of four and a team of three, but being a militia unit they’ll only have three leaders.

    Officer Heckler (inept, neutral)
    Sub-Officer Koch (generous, reckless, privileged background)
    Sub-Officer Sauer (likable, neutral, military family)

    Yes, thoese are the few German names I know.

    Rolled d6, 1 north.

    As soon as they finished their passing out parade and the week long leave, Troop 28 boarded the fast transport Kaiserin Germina. For this patrol the Kaiserin Germina is assigned to Regional Command – Nord, patrolling the northern coasts of the Empire. The patrol last three months, only stopping at local stations for resupply and refuel. With frequent troubles in the north the patrol promised a lot of action for the troop.

    Roll 2d6, result is number of weeks left before end of patrol. The Kaiserin Germina will be called into that many actions.

    Rolled a 3
    The patrol had been uneventful. Although they heard many stories of other troops getting to see action, the Germina had somehow missed every call.

    Rolled as defender on Patoon Forward mission table, got 14, Ambush

    The militiamen and women were happy they were going home. Three weeks from home they were finally called to respond to a raid on a vilalge. The raiders had been detected early and the troops of the Kaiserin Germina would set up an ambush in the raider’s path. Offier Heckler chose to deploy only half the troops, leaving sub-officer Sauser in charge of the remainder onboard the Germina.

    Rolled for difficulty after assigning troops, just to make it more unpreductable.
    Rolled a d6 for difficulty, 1, very unlikely to see action.
    rolled 1d6 (difficulty level) for inserting into mission
    1 Enemy contact
    2-5 Nothing
    6 Random encounter
    rolled 1

    The troop was moving to the ambush site but stumbled upon the raiding force much sooner than they expected.
    generated battlefield

    rolled d6 to see how many possible contacts there are
    1 2 less
    2 1 less
    3-4 same number of teams
    5 1 more
    6 2 more

    rolled a 2
    2 contacts
    rolled 2d6 to see where they are on the board. 2 and 3

    The raiders moved much quicker than expected. Seeing movement amongst the village buildings Heckler suspected they had already started to loot the place. Officer Heckler chose to leave the team without a leader back as a reserve and move in with his and Koch’s team.

    Heckler on the bottom left, Koch, bottom right.

    Need to roll equal or less than number of troops in a team to act in QUICK phase. If team had leader roll equal or less to leader rating, +1 if not alone.
    2d6, 5 and 5.

    Unrevealed enemy act with 3 dice. Revealed enemy act with equal nice to number.

    Their inexperience showed, the raiders amongst the huts spotted the militia troop approaching in the open and fired, revealing their presence and number.
    rolled d6 for their strength, team is either 3 or 4 strong.
    1 nothing
    2 3
    3 3 with leader
    4 4 with leader
    5 4
    6 mech
    Rolled a 2, so 3 strong, no leader.

    Enemy shot at Koch’s team, being closest.

    3d6, hit on 5-6, rolled 5, 5, 1
    Kochs team had two dead.

    The other enemy team couldn’t move and couldn’t get into line of sight.

    Activate Koch
    Rolled 4d6 for Koch’s rating +1 (for the guy with him)
    1, 3, 4, 6
    Change 6 into a 5 to rally (instead of rolling morale). leaving a move, aim and shoot. They can’t see anything so will move towards the trees for cover.

    Heckler rolls 6d6 (+3 guys with him), and got 2, 3, 4, 4, 5, 6

    The raider team is behind a building so need an extra spotting dice, converting the 6 to a 2 takes care of that. They can also aim for the first shot giving an extra dice for the first shot. Nothing to use the 5 on right now.

    5d6 for the first shot, 1, 2, 4, 4, 4
    4d6 for the second, 1, 4, 5, 5

    It took a while but the the team under Heckler’s inept guidance managed to kill two raiders.

    Reduced to two or less the enemy team will run away next turn.

    3 and 4
    Both teams get to act in the QUICK phase.

    Koch rolled 2, 4, 4, 6
    Convert the 6 to 1 allow him to move up to the buildings and hopefully spot the enemy team.

    Flanking the remaining guy they shot at him from behind. Killing the guy and again.

    Heckler rolled a whopping 1, 1, 2, 3, 3, 5
    No shooting dice even though he should be able to move up and spot the other enemy team. Heckler led his team to take cover behind the flimsy little stable?

    The remaining unknown still can’t move but can spot Koch’s team. Can’t shoot so still isn’t revealed.

    5 and 6

    The enemy acts first and could finally move. Moving up the hill, but lost sight of Koch’s team.
    Heckler acted first rolling, 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 6
    converting a 6 to a 2 and the other to a 4 let him spot and shoot at the unknown.

    Rolling another 2 for the unknown, they’re another team of 3.
    Heckler’s team shoot with 4d6 the aim dice counter the elevation penalty (forgot to apply the same shooting at the other team).

    They scored another two kills.

    Koch rolled, 3, 5, 6, 6
    deciding to convert the 6s into 1s and flank further north to cut their enemy’s escape.

    The fight is pretty much won but they got initiative the next turn and chose to go in for the kill anway.
    Koch couldn’t spot the enemy and stayed hunklered behind cover.

    Heckler rolled three 6s and converted them into two 2s and a 4 to shoot with penalty. Rolling a 6 to kill the last guy. So Heckler isn’t so inept afterall.

    Now the decision. Do they continue to the ambush site or call their job done? With two militia dead Heckler decided to push his luck and keep going, leaving the bodies of his men until they return.

    Rolling a 2

    They arrived and waited at the ambush site. Nothing. If the group they had fought wasn’t the main raider force then they must have been alerted by the firefight.

    Rolling a 5

    The extraction went smoothly and the troop held a funeral for the two militiamen they lost

    28th Leichtetruppen
    Officer Heckler (inept, neutral)
    Sub-Officer Koch (generous, reckless, privileged background)
    Sub-officer Sauer (likable, neutral, military family

    +17 Militiamen

    Need to tighten up the roll for initiative, morale and activation. It’ll be good if they use the same modifiers. If there wasn’t two leader on one side it’d probably ahve dragged on like the enemy team by the hill, not being able to do much because they only had 3d6 for activation. On the other hand I like havng leaders affect the battle. Originally I was going to have rifles and SMG be different, so far I’m jsut using minis with SMG as leaders. Might give some benefits and drawbacks to the weapons later on. Need some mechs, something like DP9s Gear Krieg, but WWI.

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