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    How to get the best return for the super bargain rate of just £5.00 per month as a TWW Trader.

    There are 3 ways to get your brand earning on TWW.

    The 1st and easiest (though lowest return) is with a banner advert.
    It is easy to set up and once done it requires no extra work from you, it just sits there and people will see it.
    Though as noted above, people can often tune out to banner adverts, so don’t rely solely on passive advertising.
    (Obviously a cool banner that looks swanky will not hurt!)

    The 2nd way is to submit news for the display on the front page.
    Unlike social media, TWW does not use algorithms to hold back content by only showing posts to a small percentage of followers, and as such any news posted on the front page will be visible for all TWW visitors to see.
    Not only that, search engines will pick up on it, unlike things hidden away on Facebook pages and in private FB groups, so the entire internet has chance to see it.

    Once a news item is published on TWW it will be also be shared to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram.
    This will help you been seen on sites that you maybe don’t advertise on, or if you do, then maybe those pesky algorithms that hide your news on your own page, will show your news on TWW’s?
    Either way, advertising on TWW is also advertising on social media sites.

    The 3rd way is to post in the forums.
    Whilst forum posts are not routinely shared on social media by myself, some are.
    However, the forums are where the gamers like to hang out and talk, it is where your customers are.
    News will vanish from the front page as newer items are posted, but forum posts that are popular keep bobbing back to the surface to be seen over and over again.
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    I don’t just run TWW, I also run Crom’s Anvil and TWW accounts for my second largest source of traffic after FB, though of course some of that FB traffic is due to me sharing topics and news from TWW to begin with.
    It feeds itself!

    I am writing this as whilst it seems obvious, not getting traffic is the number one reason cited by people who cancel their advertising, but in almost every case they do not send in news to be published, many don’t have banners, and almost none post in the forums.
    You have to be in it to win it!

    (It is worth noting that I am happy to post news on your behalf from newsletters or social media posts if you feel you don’t have the time)

    TWW was created as a friendly place for gamers of any persuasion to talk about gaming.
    As a previous advertiser of other sites where I felt customer care was lacking, I try to make TWW a great place to do business.
    I care about your miniatures business, I have one myself!

    If you have any questions please do ask.

    Last month almost 4368 unique visitors made just under 100,000 visits.
    Which by my reckoning means about 23 visits per month per visitor, so most people that visit come back almost everyday.


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