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    I’ve been reading ‘African Kaiser’ by Robert Gaudi. Highly recommended for anyone interested in WWI or African colonial history. It’s inspired me to think about starting a new period. (Gasp! Squirrel!)

    While there were a few battles of thousands, for the most part the actions involved hundreds or less so this is a good candidate for ‘large skirmish’ type systems. It really is more similar to the colonial conflicts rather than the static trench fighting of Europe.  Some of the German raids on the British rail lines would be great scenarios to play out with (ahem…) 54mm figures. But that rather limits the figures available. Most likely I’d be limited to using ‘Armies in Plastic’ figures or something similar. I’m not opposed to doing some conversion work but I’m not pedantic about it, either.

    Colonial British troops are easily available in 54mm. And I don’t think they’d differ much from WWI British in Africa. However, what were the differences between the British and German uniforms worn in Africa?–and as compared to what was worn in Europe? Could Anglo-Egyptian Egyptian figures be used for Askaris or KAR? Would Colonial era Indian figures be similar to WWI Indian troops in Africa? What about Boers? Could they be used as something?

    Ah, the joys of war game daydreams!


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    This book keeps coming up on my recommended list on Amazon (due to other Great War purchases and wishlist items I’m sure). I’ve read a few titles on Lettow-Vorbeck’s campaign, fascinating stuff!

    There was a range (C&Q Equipment) that was doing this in 20mm, and I believe IT Figures has a full range in 20mm currently. I would be interested in 15mm options myself.

    Sorry, really it has been so long since I have looked into it that I can’t answer uniform questions!

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