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    Avatar photoDark Horse Hobbies

    Hi All,

    We have relaunched the AIM 10mm line with our first releases being 10mm Punic Wars, scheduled to begin shipping mid/late October (2023). There are a few packs scheduled for release in November, with Samurai scheduled to begin releasing in December (2023).

    We have Imperial Roman/Barbarians (pretty light on the barbarians) and Greek-Persian Wars figures that we could also begin working on.

    So my question for everyone here – which would be your preference?

    A) Imperial Roman Wars
    B) Greek-Persian Wars

    Option A would LIKELY be released as part of our “odd month” releases, as even months are being slotted as our “new range releases” where we release about a dozen codes (total) of both sides of a particular period. Option B could be worked in to one of those “even month” releases as the range is large enough to warrant it’s own new range release…

    FWIW: It’s looking like February 2024 is likely going to be American Civil War.

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    Avatar photoTony S

    If I had to do it all over again, I’d be going 10mm.   Glad to hear that the AIM figures didn’t disappear.

    Is there any distribution outside the US?  Forgive me, but the international shipping rates from the US are a trifle steep for me.

    Avatar photoDark Horse Hobbies

    Hi Tony,

    We are looking to establish a distribution source in either the UK or Europe to handle sales outside of North America (South America will probably be handled by us as well), but so far we don’t have a solid timeframe of when that might happen. We have a dealer in Germany that may come on board, but if they do it will likely not be until after the new year.

    If we don’t have something by end of Q1 2024, we’ll be looking at other options to service the European and Australian markets.

    Thanks for asking!

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    Avatar photoDave Hollin

    still interested in the development for European markets here, especially the UK

    Slingshot Editor, The Society of Ancients

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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