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    NKL Aerotom

    Last week’s game of Missile Threat.

    All aircraft are 1/600 from Tumbling Dice. Gaming mat from Deep Cut Studio

    We played  Close Air Support mission, somewhere around 1996 in the Bosnia / Kosovo theater. A medium to large sized game, this was 350 points per side.

    Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ARBiH – in the blue) conducting an offensive into a Serbian position – Serbs are in the red. This is the situation at game start. both players will be trying to assist their respective ground forces. All the air defenses are Serbian…


    Chalis 1, Prowler 1 and Ghost 1 -an E-3 sentry (proxied with an E-2C), EA-6B and F-117 respectively. The F-117 is armed with Laser guided GBUs and an AGM-65 Maverick.


    NATO SEAD and AWACs flights getting a bead on the situation


    Prowler 1 loaded out with 4 AGM-88 HARM missiles – High Speed Anti Radiation – for taking out enemy radar sites.


    Prowler 1 fires 2 HARMs at 2 Serbian Low Blow SA-3 guidance radars “Magnum!”


    2 F-18s – Hornet 1 and 2, enter play as well as Cajun 1, an A-10 on Forward Air Controller duties


    Hornet 1 and 2 loaded with AIM-120s and AIM-9s – both are very competent pilots.


    “Magnum, Magnum” – more HARM launches


    ARBiH forces taking some casualties, but also inflicting some, a Serbian tank has its weapon destroyed (yellow marker) and an infantry unit suppressed.
    A serb Low Blow radar deactivates to prevent the HARM from destroying it (yellow marker)


    Serbian ground forces countering the ARBiH attack, moving to engage


    “Challis 1 – Be Advised, hostile aircraft, bullseye 2-5-zero, 20 miles, 60,000” – 3 Serbian MiG-21s appear at high altitude and behind the NATO strike force. AWACS picks them up on an intercept course… If they hadn’t been scheduled to arrive at altitude 6, they would likely be picked up MUCH further away…


    Mandatory moves bring the whole lot over the area of the ground attack, HARMs just about to hit home…


    Another view of the action, turn 3.


    Overview of the map – 4 Serbian G-2 Galebs appear at the far right side of the table – being at low altitude the E-3 picks them up far away from the combat. “Air War Bosnia” on the table for any interested people to look through as this was played at our local wargames club and often people come by to see what’s going on.


    Mohawk 1 and 2 arrive on the scene – 2 AH-64 Apaches armed with AGM-114 Hellfire missiles. Ready to serve the Serbs some tandem HEAT warheads…


    Overview of the table, turn 4


    The Serbian MiG-21s and NATO Hornets jostle for a good firing position, the MiG-21s needing to descend significantly to engage, while the F-18s need to climb… both make high G turns and climbs to get in the right place at the right time…


    Close up on the action – Chaos!


    Hornet 2 gets a bead on one of the MiGs, firing an AIM-9 at close range, the MiG evades and a lucky dice roll means no damage is inflicted


    A MiG-21 from Sokol flight launches R-60 IR missiles at Hornet 2, Hornet 2 goes defensive and narrowly avoids damage…


    The G-2 galebs cruise in at low altitude, while Ghost 1 (the F-117) passes over the combat area, ready to turn back and drop some laser-guided bombs on Serbian tanks…
    2 of the Serbian radar sites are knocked out by HARMs and the smoke rises through the early morning air…


    Mohawk 1 fires a Hellfire missile at a Serbian ZSU-57-2 ‘Sparka’


    Cajun 1 (The A-10 on the left) strafes a Serbian SA-9 Gaskin with its 30mm gatling gun, the BRRRRRRRT can be heard be everyone in the area. The SA-9 is thoroughly disabled.
    2 AIM-120s home in on a Serb MiG-21 above…


    Overview of the table, around turn 4 or 5


    2 AIM-120s looking for their MiG-21 target, while an AIM-9 seeks another MiG-21. Hornet 1 and 2 are in tight formation, watching each others back and clinically launching AA missiles at targets.


    A Serb MiG-21 (in VPAF colors… sorry about that!) gets a bead on Prowler 1, firing 2 R-13M IR missiles. Prowler pulls full evasive, but the pilot is wounded as shrapnel tears through the canopy. The aircraft seems to still be flying though…


    Overview of the table around turn 5


    Sokol 2 (the Serb MiG-21) breaks hard right to avoid the AIM-120s, which only have a 60 degree tracking rate (60 degrees either side of the nose). The missiles are defeated!


    Sokol 3 launches 2 R-60 all aspect IR missiles at Hornet 2, the missiles scream in but Hornet 2 is able to evade…


    One of the Serb Low Blow radars gets a lock on Mohawk 1, and an SA-3 immediately launches, hitting the Apache and destroying it straight away. No way those pilots made it out of there alive…


    Hornet 1 and 2 are forced to RTB, having reached bingo fuel. The Serb MiG-21s are left to cause havoc until the next CAP flight shows up…
    One of the Serb MiG-21s was hit by a sidewinder from Hornet 2 and his aircraft is damaged, smoking heavily.


    G-2 galebs spot the F-117 on its own and begin to climb to engage it…. what is NATO doing letting such an expensive aircraft fly around on its own in the middle of Serb territory!? The F-117 is already damaged, possibly by AAA


    The G-2s (represented by F-105s here… almost no-one makes Yugoslav aircraft at 1/600 scale…) mass and attack the F-117 – 12.7mm cannons tear through the aircraft and it explodes in a fireball! The pilots do not make it out…
    How embarrassing…


    A Serb MiG-21 fires a parting missile as Prowler 1 leaves the game, thankfully it didn’t cause any damage…

    This was the last photo from the game, the game being finished soon after.
    The ARBiH forces were wiped out, and NATO lost 1 Apache and 1 F-117. The Serbian MiG-21 that was damaged failed to land and was destroyed on the runway after the game.

    The total victory points at the end of the game, including destroyed Serbian radar sites and ground assets, as well as the destroyed MiG-21 and the victory points from wiping out the ARBiH forces with minimal losses, meant the game was a draw.

    NKL Aerotom

    Cheers Tim, a turn represents around 30 seconds but the time and ground scale isn’t fixed – ground forces and naval vessels operate at a slightly different time scale than aircraft in order to keep things feeling “right”

    Missiles do move every turn, this was a core mechanic I wanted where a missile actively tracks a target and the target must try to out turn to defeat the missile. Missiles move very fast though so aren’t usually on the table for long, 2 turns max unless its an ATGM fired from long distance.

    carlos zomer

    I die in Brazil and there is no game here!
    I’m new to this hobby, but I’m very interested in this game, but I don’t understand the meaning of the data below the aircraft?

    NKL Aerotom

    Hi Carlos, the dice under the aircraft show the speed and altitude:

    Green dice: speed
    White dice: altitude.

    Hope that helps!

    carlos zomer

    @nkl Aerotom

    thanks !!
    it helped a lot.
    I would like to know if there is any place that I can have a basic idea about the game?

    NKL Aerotom

    Hi Carlos, there’s an introduction to the rules here;

    And an example game on YouTube too.

    There’s more information about the game on the wargame vault page:





    Absolutely great battle report.  There was a lot going on in that game.

    I haven’t played anything that complex yet, but really like the rules, and am impressed at how well they manage so many different aspects of air combat.

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