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    alex self

    My latest project – an Alien Predatory Warhost! This army template was originally designed for the Chuhauc Space Raptors sold by Alternative Armies, but I have used different models.

    The guys at the front are Karlocks, produced by The Scene.

    These four-legged armoured vehicles arte actually representing Heavy Droids. They are a bit big, but I liked the models. By GZG. Drones at the back are also by GZG.

    Tanks by GZG.

    Infantry are Vleta Reavers by Blue Moon (sold in the UK by Old Glory). They are great models. Wish I could do a better paint job. Maybe no one will notice in the heat of battle?


    Alex Self



    Nice, are those hover tanks metal?

    Also, being the sad bugger I am…. Any chance of a view of those buildings in the background?

    PS: How are the new rules doing?


    Very cool! Nice to see a proper force in 15mm, and “in-world” with terrain and all.

    The Karlocks are new to me. Must check them out.

    alex self


    The hover tanks are metal kits.

    The buildings are by Brigade Models, and look like this…..

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    Alex Self



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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