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    Don Glewwe

    Looking for reactions / opinions to an idea.  Inspired by the spin of a roulette wheel.  Not really even sure of my own yet, so…

    Setting: 1:1 figure ratio, perhaps multiple figs per player, barroom brawl or streetfight or gladitorial sort of encounter…possible teams or just individuals.

    Assuming that each combatant has a choice of action for a turn which includes a risk/reward decision (ie: small chance=big reward, large chance=small reward) do you think it better as a player (ie: more enjoyable/fun) to roll/draw/whatever for your own, individual chance of success -and for every other player to do the same- or to have a single random generator (roll/draw/whatever) determine every character’s fate/result?

    I’m inclined towards an individual determination (roll your own dice), but wonder at the gametime advantage that may come from having a single roll, so to speak, serve for all.  It’s still random, right?

    Dunno….like I said, I haven’t spent much/any time thinking it through…just wondered.




    Angel Barracks

    People like to feel in control of their own destiny and to determine the outcome of their models.
    Individual rolls.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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