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    piers brand

    Last nights game was the second scenario in the Ardennes campaign, this time with the vanguard of KG Peiper making a dash for a bridge over the Ambleve at Ligneuville.

    Sadly my cooks and bottlewashers managed to do very little thanks to awful dice rolls on my part, superb dice rolls by the enemy and generally being overwhelmed by pulling high value chits all the time!

    Obersturmführer Sternebeck’s Panzer IV despatched one Sherman south of the river in a close range duel in the village, while Untersturmführer Fischer’s Panther following close behind took out two more north of the river as the German attacked dashed forward in a hurry. Although one of the US rifle teams managed to shootdown one squad of pioneers, the German infantry easily cleared the south side of the river in cooperation with the tanks. Its was not the Americans day, overrun and destroyed in short order by a well orchestrated attacked by a small number of German troops but with some serious firepower…

    Game two of the campaign went firmly to the Germans, but Brigadier-General Edward Timberlake recreated history by legging it off the table… forcing the Germans to take a chit, but depriving the US forces of an extra order per turn, which proved decisive.

    On to Stavelot next time… and this time no bonus troops for the US.

    Rod Robertson


    Lovely presentation, terrain and models/figures as always. You do this hobby proud. Thank you for that!

    Cheers and good gaming.

    Rod Robertson.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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