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    A rare one for me, a full mission, even with cutting for time the video ended up being 42m minutes long, actual flight time was a little under 90 minutes, with 30 minutes spent getting those two refuels done. first one(and my very first) was a short 2000lb top off before heading into the objective, the other one, after the attack, needed 5000 lb before heading home. It was fun doing a “real” mission. Often I don’t have time for that, and when flying the F16 it’s hard doing anything lasting over 40 minutes without refueling.

    I thought I was being conservative when I added just 3 AAA around the powerplant, but as my AI decided to fly leisurely at 400knots straight and level, they were easy targets and 2 our of 3 of them got shot down. They all also attacked the same part of the powerplant.

    Me on the other hand knowing what DCS AAA is like overcompensated and I actually went super sonic as I attacked the target. (can you even drop bombs at Mach 1?) I was burning 80 000lb an hour as I hightailed it out of there. My 3rd wingman did survive simply because he came right behind number 2 and the AAA didn’t have time to aim properly at him.

    He then bugged out at the refuel, staying right under the boom, but not connecting, after watching that for 5 minutes I gave up and sent him to RTB and he landed at a random close airfield. I enjoyed a cruise home after filling my F16 up(The Tanker for some reason decided to fly at 218knot instead of the 350 I had set it to, and what it flew at the first filling, was some high AOA refueling). And did a bad but not explody landing.


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