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    Avatar photoIvan Sorensen

    3mm terrain can look amazing but it always bugs me a bit when the troop stands are on top of the villages.

    Assuming uniform bases, has anyone experimented with making urban terrain with a base-sized gap in the middle where you can pop down the troop stands?

    You could paint it in a suitable asphalt or dirt colour so it looks like a town square or similar.

    Any other suggestions?

    Avatar photoJozisTinMan

    I like that, will fiddle with my quick and dirty monopoly town sectors to do that, each sector big enough to hold a company.  I may do that to my forests, the ones I am using now I made for 6mm Napoleonics and the units do not quit fit in them all the time.

    Other than that, something modular, tiny buildings are a pain to move around.


    Avatar photoIvan Sorensen

    That’s what I was thinking since a lot of 3mm are individual little houses.

    Make a base covering the area the village occupies, put houses around the edges, then leave space in the middle for the infantry base.

    It’ll limit how many troops you can fit in a village of course but if the overall feature isn’t that big, it should be fine. I bet it’d work for woods too.

    Avatar photoThaddeus Blanchette

    You can see what I did, here:

    The village base is a piece of painted cloth whose margins are delineated by coarse-flocked hedges. It is pinned to the mat with flocked tacks and stick pins.

    The buildings are based on 2 cm x 2 cm plastic bases and they are placed on the village base. When I need to put infantry in the village, I remove as many bases as needed.

    In the background, you can see a farm which works on the same general principle, although its bases are 3 cm x 4 cm. You can, of course, make your building bases as small or as big as you need them. I just happened to have a lot of 2×2 plastic bases lying around so I’m using them, for the most part. I will make some bigger and smaller bases, however. The Church, in fact, is on a 4×2 base.

    Why base the buildings at all? You don’t have to, but it allows you to make nifty little mini -dioramas. You can’t see it from this angle, but behind the church, there’s a little windmill on a hill. Now I only need some 3mm sheep to put on it! (Marcin…?)

    If you want to get even more persnickety, you can paint the buildings on your village and farm cloths. Mine are currently just done in bare earth.


    We get slapped around, but we have a good time!

    Avatar photoIvan Sorensen

    Very nice indeed!

    3mm sheep? THey’d be hard to tell from tufts of smoke 🙂

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