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    For years, I used the 2 x 2 foot static grass tiles by TSS for my base board. There was the static grassed green side, of course, but I painted and stippled the blank side in household emulsion to do a ‘desert arid terrain’.

    Works just fine. You can see both sides of the tiles in the pic below. It also shows the green side squexed for Commands and Colors. These days, I use a big green rattle can sprayed snooker baize for my ‘normal’ green table because it makes doing big hills easier.



    My whoring and daubing:

    Simon Miller

    I have a set of green flocked boards that I use for Northern Europe and another set of dusty grey-brown boards (my Zama boards) that I use for the south.   The minis are on grey brown bases with clumps of grass and look OK with both.

    re Trebian above, I was taking pics today of the Lake Trasimene area with a future game in mind.   by the lake, there were many more Italian girls in bikinis than I had expected to see from accounts of the battle.  ;-).   Also far more trees on the hills.  Unless the terrain has changed (always possible) it would have been very easy to conceal a dozen Carthaginian armies in the area, and very easy for them to approach the road under cover.  There would also have been a substantial marshy shoreline with reed banks behind the Romans.  A terrain-rich battlefield!

    Steve Burt

    Bruneval raid

    Bruneval raid, showing how the grass tiles can be used to form a depression and a coast area


    Desert terrain (in this case, Safi, 1942), again with coast line


    And finally winter terrain (Vaagso raid).


    The flat tiles and edge pieces are pretty versatile



    Understand your problems. Did anyone object to you photographing their girlfriend?

    As for the masses of terrain, – it’s exactly the sort of place a smart general would not chose to fight against a good opponent, – unless he’s laying the ambush!






    the cats took it as an invitation for one to go under the cloth while the other pounced from the top. This is not so good for the terrain

    Obviously. Cats are not so good for the terrain.

    So I did try another idea:

    …use the cats for terrain.

    But then you get another problem: it’s not so good for the miniatures.

    “AAaaargh, an earthquake!”





    Good one, Patrice!


    I can’t even begin to count the number of miniatures I have with a cat hair permanently varnished onto them.

    Bunch of monkeys on your ceiling, sir!

    Howard Whitehouse

    Bravo!  Kudos!

    I do all my own stunts.


    Ah cats….My cat Fred has no interest in my figures but does like to sleep on my hills if I leave them out…


    My cat Lucky (my avatar) likes to chew the bristles off of paint brushes.

    Bunch of monkeys on your ceiling, sir!

Viewing 9 posts - 41 through 49 (of 49 total)
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