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    Someone suggested Caesar Miniatures for “close enough” Hebrew Warriors but I saw they were discontinued when I searched the internet.

    So, who makes 15mm or there about in Metal or (shudder) plastic that might allow me to build a warband or army for ancient Israel?

    Angel Barracks

    Not sure about any semblance of accuracy but would any of these work?



    Rod Robertson

    Glenn (S) W:

    You might look at Chariot Miniatures (Magister Militum) and Essex Miniatures for Hebrew-like troops in 15mm. What period of Hebrew army did you have in mind? Early Hebrew (mostly light irregular foot) or Later Hebrew (with some chariots, some armoured regular troops, regular archers and foreign mercenaries in its service? You might also look at Falcon Miniatures and Irregular Miniatures to vary your troops. As Mike says Xystrom Miniatures might have something good.

    Cheers, good gaming and good hunting.

    Rod Robertson.


    Hi Glenn. My own Hebrew army is built for both early and late. It’s mainly Chariot miniatures. Nice figures, a little weak at the ankles, I often reinforce the ankles with a dab of epoxy before they break. Hupshu spear and hupshu bow make up the most of the tribal levy. Light and heavy chariots are from the Assyrian range.

    You'll shoot your eye out, kid!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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