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    A Lot of GaulA Lot of Gaul

    Purely to satisfy my own curiosity, I decided to compile a list of grand tactical/army-level Ancients (up to AD 500) rulesets that, as of 1 Feb. 2019, are currently in print and available for purchase or download from the publisher’s web site or from Lulu, Wargames Vault, etc.
    Here is the list I came up with:

    AGE OF HANNIBAL, Greg Wagman (Little Wars TV, 2018)

    ANCIENT & MEDIEVAL WARGAMING, Neil Thomas (Sutton, 2007)

    ANCIENT BATTLELINES CLASH (Version 3.1), Shaun Travers (web published, 2019)

    ANCIENTS D6 (Version 3), John Acar & Andrew Damon (web published, 2008)

    ARCANE WARFARE EXCEL 10, Jerboa Development Team (Jerboa Wargames, 2016)

    AVGVSTVS TO AVRELIAN, Phil Hendry (Too Fat Lardies, 2012)

    BASIC IMPETVS (2.0 Edition), Lorenzo Sartori (Dadi & Piombo, 2016)

    BEAR YOURSELVES VALIANTLY, John R. “Buck” Surdu, et al. (On Military Matters, 2014)

    BELLA CONTRA BARBAROS, Michael Collins (Grand Maneuver, 2017)

    CENTURIA, Massimo Torriani (Torriani Massimo Games, 2015)

    CIVITATES BELLANTES, Simon MacDowall & Caoimhin Boru (Legio Wargames, 2014)

    CLASH OF EMPIRES, Stuart McCorquodale & Mark Wheatley (Great Escape Games, 2011)

    CLASSICAL HACK (2nd Edition), Philip J. Viverito (LMW Works, 2002)

    COMITATUS, Simon MacDowall (Legio Wargames, 1990)

    COMMANDS & COLORS: ANCIENTS (5th Edition), Richard Borg (GMT Games, 2014)

    CONQUERORS AND KINGS, Martin Goddard (Peter Pig, 1998)

    DE BELLIS ANTIQUITATIS (Version 3.0), Phil Barker & Sue Laflin-Barker (Wargames Research Group, 2014)

    DE BELLIS MAGISTRORUM MILITUM (Version 2.1), Phil Barker (Wargames Research Group, 2016)

    FIELD OF GLORY (3rd Edition), Terry Shaw (Partizan Press, 2017)

    HAIL CAESAR, Rick Priestley (Warlord Games, 2011)

    HOLY HACK (2nd Edition), Philip J. Viverito (LMW Works, 2007)

    HOMERIC HACK, Philip J. Viverito (LMW Works, 2004)

    HOPLOMACHIA, The Perfect Captain (web published, 2003)

    IMPETVS (2nd Edition), Lorenzo Sartori (Dadi & Piombo, 2019)

    KINGS OF WAR HISTORICAL, Alessio Cavatore (Mantic Entertainment, 2016)

    L’ART DE LA GUERRE (English Edition), Hervé Caille (Onyx Editions, 2014)

    LEGIO VI, Simon MacDowall (Legio Wargames, 2002)

    LOST BATTLES, Philip Sabin (Hambledon Continuum, 2007)

    MIGHTY ARMIES: ANCIENTS, Michael Renegar (Rebel Minis, 2008)

    MORTEM ET GLORIAM, Simon Hall (Shall Enterprises, 2016)

    PIQUET: ARCHON (2nd Edition), Bob Jones & Eric Burgess (Piquet, 2004)

    PMG ANCIENTS, Jeffrey Hunt (Portsmouth Miniatures & Games, 2011)

    POLEMOS: SPQR, David Heading (Baccus 6mm, 2011)

    PULSE OF BATTLE, Brent Oman (Piquet, 2014)

    SCUTARII (2nd Edition), William Butler (Hoplite Research, 2014)

    STRATEGOS II, Philip Sabin (The Society of Ancients, 2015)

    SWORD & SPEAR (2nd Edition), Mark Lewis (Polkovnik Productions, 2014)

    SWORDPOINT, Martin Gibbins (Gripping Beast, 2016)

    TACTICA II, Arty Conliffe (On Military Matters, 2018)

    THE DIE IS CAST (Version 5.3), Justin Taylor (Veni Vidi Vici, 2013)

    TO ARMS!, Frank Wang (Mini Warfare, 2018)

    TO THE STRONGEST!, Simon Miller (BigRedBat Ventures, 2014)

    TRIUMPH!, David Schlanger (Washington Grand Company, 2018)

    WAR & CONQUEST, Rob Broom (Scarab Miniatures, 2012)

    WARGAMES RULES FOR CLASSICAL WARFARE, Dave Wareham (Lancashire Games, 2000)

    WARLORD, Trevor Halsall & Richard Harper (Partizan Press, 2007)

    WARLORD: ADVANCE GUARD, Trevor Halsall & Richard Harper (Partizan Press, 2018)

    WARRIOR (Black Edition), John Cleaves (Four Horsemen Enterprises, 2006)

    If I have missed any grand tactical/army-level Ancients rulesets that are currently in print and available for purchase or download, please let me know.


    "Ventosa viri restabit." ~ Harry Field

    Norm SNorm S

    Thank you, I enjoyed going through this.


    Scutarii from Hoplite Research  http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/HRGWORLDS?searchTerms=SCUTARII

    There are probably quite a few others on the Free Wargames Rules Website.

    A Lot of GaulA Lot of Gaul

    Bill- SCVTARII was already on the list. I adjusted the spelling to reflect the second edition cover – thanks for bringing it to my attention!

    I also included all of the army-level Ancients rulesets from the Free Wargames Rules wiki that are currently in print, i.e. that are also available from publishers’ web sites that show some evidence of recent activity.


    "Ventosa viri restabit." ~ Harry Field

    Matt WilliamsonMatt Williamson

    Advanced Impetus, new rules are just out





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    Hi, some more (with more or less “…evidence of recent activity…”):

    A GREAT VICTORY!, Trevor Raymond (runtus.org/page2.htm)

    A FISTFULL OF MINIATURES 2E, Jayson Abbott, Brett M. Bernstein

    ABOUT CAESAR, (Dirk Donvil?) (Caliver Books)

    ANTIQUITY, Damian Pooley (lulu)

    AURELIAN, Sam A. Mustafa


    GORDIAN KNOT, Agema (wargamesvault)

    GREAT CAPTAIN, Pete Foggin and Craig Parker

    HISTORIES OF WAR: EMPIRE & HORDES, Iain Paterson (lulu)

    HOPLON 3, Nicolas Protonotarios (active yahoo group)


    PAEAN, Martin Brierley (West Craven Wargames Club)

    PROELIUM, Nigel Emsen

    RALLY ROUND THE KING: 3000BC- 1500AD, David Gray and Ed Teixeira

    R.A.M., Roger Campbell (wargamedownloads)

    RITTER, Chris Engle (wargamesvault)

    ROMAVICTRIX, Eyeball Media & Publications 2018 (wargamerules.co.uk)

    ROMAN WAR GAME RULES, Stephen Wicker (332926.e-junkie.com; Ebay!)

    STASIS, Eyeball Media & Publications 2018 (wargamerules.co.uk)

    STORM OF SPEARS, Michael Collins

    THE ART OF WAR, Doug Larsen and Rocky Russo (amazon)

    VIS BELLICA, Robert Avery (might still have some in stock)

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    A Lot of GaulA Lot of Gaul

    Thanks for the additional suggestions!

    ADVANCED IMPETVS appears to have been superceded by IMPETVS (2nd Edition). According to Lorenzo Sartori on the Impetus Forum:

    “AI no longer exista. AI was just a way to keep Impetus 1 updated. Now with Impetus 2 those parts of AI still with a sense have been merged in the new rulebook. So please remove AI form your files and from your mind.”

    Link: http://impetus.darkbb.com/t1219-impetus-2-v-advanced-impetus-etc


    "Ventosa viri restabit." ~ Harry Field


    Quite a lot of old stuff is available (in print and e-versions) from the history of wargaming site

    So does ‘Practical Wargaming’ (for example) meet your criteria or not?



    Guy FarrishGuy Farrish

    Advanced Impetus was never a set of rules – it was a set of tournament guidelines, amendments, errata and ‘advanced’ rule recommendations for bolting on to Impetus as it ‘developed’.

    Of course Advanced Impetus 2 will no doubt soon be in the process of creation as people press for their preferences that have not been incorporated in Impetus 2.

    And so it goes on…


    Ah! Having just checked the link above, I see this has already begun – ‘a living rules pdf’ (polite term for errata) is already being pushed for to accommodate the ‘development track’ that will be  ‘inevitable’ (not Lorenzo’s quotes) for Impetus 2.

    Poor Lorenzo is already under pressure – this is him -‘ In some Extras there are some speciale rules. All these are ok unless they are specifically removed as in the Guide PDF.’

    So the rules in Impetus 2 are the only rules to use, except where the special rules in the list booklets apply, except where they don’t?

    Alwyn Crawshaw is an artist who used have a rule when he was teaching  – know when to stop – don’t fiddle.

    As good a maxim for wargames rules writers as for artists.


    A Lot of GaulA Lot of Gaul

    Guy – Sadly, that tends to be true for a number of tournament-oriented rule sets.

    "Ventosa viri restabit." ~ Harry Field

    A Lot of GaulA Lot of Gaul

    Quite a lot of old stuff is available (in print and e-versions) from the history of wargaming site So does ‘Practical Wargaming’ (for example) meet your criteria or not?

    I do not intend to include in this particular list old, out-of-print versions of rulesets or reprints of OOP books like the ones by John Curry and WRG. On the other hand, they do provide a nice service by making these old, OOP books and rulesets available to the public once more.

    "Ventosa viri restabit." ~ Harry Field


    THROW ME A ‘6’ by John Acar


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    You’re an evil man, Gaul. Just when I think I’ve got a workable short list you spew this up. Now I’ll never settle on a ‘go to’ set for ancients.


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    Henry Hyde

    Wow, what a list! Thanks for that, very useful.

    Editor, Battlegames
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    Author, The Wargaming Compendium

    Sane MaxSane Max

    what startles me is how very few of them I have even seen for sale, never mind played.

    I must have a go at finding a few.


    Sane Max, I just thought the same. Aquired ROMAN WAR GAME RULES from the author on Ebay (download link). And I was indeed surprised. Very very basic rules system, 3 pages. And not a DBA-like shortness. Uses grid based movement. If you like that, ok…..


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