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    Following on from the first game, see previous post, game two on the day.

    Basic Impetus Wars of the Roses with 12 units per side. Jack was Defender, and rolled successfully for a river again. He placed it centrally running E-W near his deployment zone, but I as Attacker, moved it to my deployment zone.

    “Blimey, I didn’t think about you moving it there Daddy” sayeth Son and heir to the Painting Business.

    The river is again crossable anywhere but at half speed and Unit becoming Disordered. Jack also chose a road (with bridge crossable as just Disordered, and two hills again, under the green field and under the furthest wheatfield on the right. He split his army 50/50 into two commands again, despite my warnings and last time’s disaster, but he’s got to learn.

    He placed one command on either side of the road but not in base to base contact, to cover more ground, he said. I massed all my best troops west of the road, with my Commanders south of the river, and planning to hit his right.

    Lancastrian right. Spread out to cover more ground…..apparently.

    Lancastrian left.

    My Yorkist Host. Smaller weaker command on their right flank flank and looking seriously worried at the Lancastrians facing them who overlap my position but are spread thinner.

    Surprise. The Yorkist left is engaged and holding its own with casualties evenly spread. The Yorkist right looks in serious danger as the Lancastrians appear to be trying to roll up the Yorkists from the right. I moved my General-led Mounted Noble reserve, from my largest command, behind my guns, from the smaller command, as Jack’s Lancastrians advanced up the road using the extra 50% road movement bonus. I then interpenetrated through the guns surprising him. Jack threw a double one for his command initiative and so will roll poor -1 modifier for the rest of the game.

    My fresh Yorkist mounted Nobles pile into Lancastrian Bills with 11 dice routing them instantly. They then Pursue towards the flummoxed Lancastians without any loss and still in possession of their Impetus Bonus. Jack rolls initiative for the Lancastrian command in that half of the battlefield and rolls……SNAKE EYES.

    In our games for WoTR we play a house rule where rolling a double one, or double twelve, again ensures that fresh troops change sides immediately. This means the Lancastrians lose as they pass their command breakpoint, and army breakpoint…..UTTER DISASTER. Yorkists win 16-2. Jack was absolutely gutted. Defeat for the Lancastrians snatched from the jaws of Victory….

    “Daddy I’m absolutely gutted. I didn’t see that coming at all did you? I tell ya though Dad, losing sometimes can be a LOT of fun”

    Wise words from a seven year old gamer. He’s getting there.

    All figures 15mm Peter Pig painted by yours truly.



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    An other good report, cheers for sharing.

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