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    Evening all,

    Quick post this weekend – i’ve painted up some test figures for my Anglo-Italian force in the Peninsular, featuring the Anglo-Italian Levy and the Calabrian Free Corps.

    Pics of the finished figures below

    Anglo-Allied test figures

    However, i’ve not painted the plumes on either as I need to access the hive mind for more information – so if anyone knows the answer, let me know. Also the uniform colour for the Calabrians – if anyone has any recommendations, let me know



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    General Slade

    I could be wrong, but weren’t both the Italian Levy and the Calabrian Free Corps light infantry so all companies would have had green plumes?  They are included in the Osprey Wellington’s Peninsula Regiments (2) – The Light Infantry by Mike Chappell where they are both shown with green plumes and the description says: “The clothing, equipment and weapons of these two skirmishers are all from British sources and but for their blue jackets they might be mistaken for British Light Infantry. ”  It then goes on to recommend the Osprey Émigré & Foreign Troops in British Service (2): 1803-15 for more detailed information.

    In Mike Chappell’s  illustrations (which you can find online if you Google the title of the book) the jacket colour is shown as being the same  for both regiments.  It’s dark blue rather than bluey-green.


    Jemima Fawr

    Yes, as they were supplied from British sources, I’d imagine that the dark blue was the same dark indigo blue cloth supplied to the Royal Artillery, Light Dragoons, Portuguese Army, etc.

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