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    Norm S

    Today is the anniversary of the the Battle of Quatre Bras 1815, so I have put Hexasim’s Quatre Bras game on the table, using their excellent Eagle of France system.

    It is a relatively small battlefield and so plays along similar lines each time, but there is still plenty of intrigue going on down at the hex level.

    I have put an AAR up on the blog for anyone interested. LINK



    Thanks Norm, that was an interesting read. It reminded me of the SPI game, Ney v Wellington, and its bigger brother, Wellington’s Victory.  I have both, but WV remains ‘unpunched’.  On the other hand, I have played N v W many times, and I really enjoyed it.  The difference between modern hex boardgames and those designed 40+ years ago can be quite stark.  They were simpler times back then, though not if you played SPI’s Campaign for North Africa I think!

    The SPI games appear to be set at the same level, in that counters are infantry battalions and cavalry regiments.  One apparent difference is that with SPI you make conscious decisions as to whether to deploy your infantry in column or line, and their ‘footprint’ changes accordingly.  I didn’t see that happen in your game.  Are units assumed to be in the best posture for the situation they are in?

    Less enthusiasm, please. This is Britain.


    Thanks Norm I enjoyed the read, a good Napoleonic fix for a hot afternoon.

    Norm S

    Thanks. Yes, units are assumed to be in the necessary formation ….. however, there is what they call ‘an emergency defence’ state in response to cavalry attacks, which is essentially the square, but it is subject to being tested for rather than assumed. This is a dice roll thing against proficiency, so can still be thought of as being outside the direct control of the player, who is sitting in the role of army commander. Plus it is only in force for that activation, so is not a ‘managed’ state.

    Interestingly there is an option rule for unit facing and arguably this draws the gamer away from the role of army commander, to one of also micro managing …. Perhaps!

    Iain Fuller

    Thanks for this Norm, a cracking read. Looks like a great game.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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