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    My alternate period of favour, because I have two composite smaller armies (my own work augmented with a similar sized ‘enemy’ I purchased from a friend); that fit snuggly into 3 file boxes and travel well…

    This fine chap has spent two decades waiting to get a ‘vignette’ out of me, ever since I saw (ok wince now– The Patriot). Both mounted figures painted by my friend, they’re all Front Rank, and the loyalist officer by me, I wanted to see the jack raised rather than some obscure regimental pennant that gave no recognition to the ‘army’ involved.

    The flag is a reduced copy of a commercial one printed by my buddy for me, with blue suitably darkened and ‘shaded’ by hand to try and give visual importance to it.

    The shaft is plain steel wire, finial and cords by Hinchliffe.

    Hardest part was reconstructing the belt attachment to the shaft- I used a traditional paper steel ‘staple’, curled around both shaft and the end hook of the belt, super glued in place and then covered with small progressive thin pieces of milliput sheet. Left to partly dry, I then ‘smoothed’ it into shape and prayed I could colour it well enough to hide any defects. I know you can’t see anyway, but it does look ok!

    I do realise the black edge to the standard isn’t correct, but in viewing [ie the 3 foot rule] it doesn’t appear intrusive; the painting on the now ‘older’ models I’m not changing either, cheers


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