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    Another Brutal Tower Block Building

    Again very quickly done, still a few mistakes, 28mm figures to show the size, which is 12 inch high

    online photo sharing[/url]

    I have never done it before, but for the first time i went “Wet Painting” and i now will stick to wet painting,it gives you all sorts of weird colours and shades.

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    Once the wet painting was complete, i allowed to dry and highlight with a mild colour khaki, then a touch dry brush of magnolia

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    The wet paint colours were paint pots samples from any cheap DIY, these colours are dark brown and a orange.

    image hosting over 10mb[/url]

    The dry grass is from a hanging basket for plant, just cut pieces out and pull apart, the fibres are perfect, very cheap and lots of it, will last you years and save you a fortune.

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    I have seen models of ruin buildings and the iron bars that stick out from broken floor levels, people use cocktail sticks, i wanted the bends and to show them that they took some sort of damage, use paper clips was the answer for me.

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    Well i am working on my third now and its going to be so much better as i found some great tips in creating iron grills for damaged floors.

    cheers Malc



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