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    bruce ross

    Wondering if anyone games in (12mm )1/144 scale WW2? What size table do you use and what rules? I’m trying to figure out if there would be much difference between 10mm (what I’m currently leaning toward) or 12mm on the same size table? Ever since I saw the pictures of the new Victrix line I’m waffling a bit 🙂

    Mike Headden

    I game in 10mm for WW2, mainly using Pendraken stuff.

    They are 1:150 rather than 1:144 so not a huge difference but a noticeable one, depending on your eyesight and how picky you are. 🙂

    Being metal they are heavier, though possibly more robust.

    Costwise, by the time you factor in cost of model and decals, they are much of a muchness.

    There are far more 10mm than 12mm models available so if breadth of coverage is important 10mm would win out at the moment.

    Pendraken are revamping many of their older models. Here’s a current PzIV H

    Whichever scale you chose, have fun!


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    I’ve just ordered a trio of those Mk IVs, as it happens.

    Steve Johnson

    I’ve played a game with a friend who had 12mm tanks and infantry versus my 10mm and there is a very noticeable difference. Not deal breaking by any means, but as others have said, there is currently a greater choice in 10mm.

    Norm S

    Yes, there is a difference, so I would pick one and stick with it.

    As said at the moment 10mm has the greater range for WWII and modern.

    For small actions, say a reinforced company, a 4’ x 3’ gaming area is more than adequate.

    As for rules, use any. If they are based in inches, convert to centimetres. I’ve never felt that 10mm / 12mm looks particularly good for single based figures, so I would go for stands / groups, even if playing something that usually advocates single basing. A ton of people are quite happy with 10mm on singles and will disagree with what I have just said – as with most things, most of this is personal preference.

    You could probably do with putting in a sample order so that you can physically see what is what.

    General Slade

    I use Minifigs which are listed on the website as 10/12mm. So maybe I get the best of both worlds?  Or maybe they are just hedging their bets.


    Mike Headden

    The only downside to the Victrix vehicles that I can see is the need to buy in multiples of 6. With Minifigs or Pendraken, as examples, if you need 3 or 7 you can buy that many. This may, or may not, be something you see as a problem.

    Growing old is mandatory, growing up is entirely optional!

    ian pillay

    I have 10/12mm minifigs and Pendraken for my Crossfire forces. They mix well. Though minifigs are more ‘dainty’. Vehicles on the other hand can look out of scale, however that doesn’t overly bother me and I mount all my vehicles anyway. There does seem to be a greater selection of 10mm for WWII than 1/144 as the others have already mentioned.

    For Crossfire, I have multi figures on 30mm square bases depending on the role of the squad and officers and the like are mounted on 20mm square bases,  again some are multi figures depending on the role.

    As for rules there are many to choose from. I like Crossfire, but Blitzkrieg Commander would be my second choice for WWII engagements of company sized and upwards but there are many others.

    One of the great benefits of gaming in this size/scale is that you can get a decent amount of buildings so that settlements look like settlements rather than just a couple of buildings to represent something larger.


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    I’ve played a game with a friend who had 12mm tanks and infantry versus my 10mm and there is a very noticeable difference. Not deal breaking by any means, but as others have said, there is currently a greater choice in 10mm.

    I have H&R 1/300 [6mm] and my main opponent GHQ 1/285 [6mm]; fielding the two sizes in the same army is [would be] problematic as the 5% difference is noticeable when side-by-side but not when fighting against another army.  I would imagine that 1/144 [12mm?] to 1/150 [10mm?] at 4% differential would equally be an issue, other than for infantry where a 5% difference in height is tolerable, given variations in the height of individuals.

    What would be helpful would be to have some common understand on sizes.  If 1/300 is 6mm, surely 1/150 is 12mm and 1/100 is 18mm.  Or should 1/300 really be 5mm?  I think each manufacturer has their own view, which explains some of the variation and why the only way to be sure is to put them up against each other or ask someone their experience.


    You want a grand bargain on the reconciliation of figure size to scales.  Hell, if you can achieve that, you should go on to peace in the middle east and nuclear disarmament.  The latter two will be a doddle.

    The whole business of figure height is made more complex than it might by two things: first, the height is measured from stockinged feet to eyes (well of course, we all measure people’s height that way); second, many manufacturers lie like troopers, generally adding up to a scale foot to the figure’s height.  There is a great incentive for ranges to make themselves incompatible with one another so as to lock customers in.  Good luck, but don’t make detailed plans for the other two, heights and scales will take most of a human lifespan.


    If you really want to scale figures, you could try measuring the length of their weapons.

    Daniele V

    I have a collection of 1/144 pre-painted WW2 tanks (Takara, etc.) and I use them with Pendraken 10mm infantry (based 40x20mm with 4 figures or 20×20 with one support weapon with crew), they look acceptable together for me. But I have still to decide what rules to use.


    1/150 is a scale, “10mm” is a description.


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